Movie Night? We’ve Got Your Snacks Covered!

Movie Night We've Got Your Snacks Covered!
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Family movie night is one of our favorite activities. There’s just something wholesome about all of us winding down and enjoying a movie cuddled up on the couch with our favorite snacks. I often find myself overwhelmed with what snacks to pick so that we aren’t always eating the same thing, but picking healthy snacks that appeal to everyone’s tastebuds can be a little tricky. Recently though I found a company that takes the hassle out of picking our movie snacks which saves me both time spent at the grocery store and provides a healthy variety of treats.

SmartBox Snack Delivery


Scouring the shelves at my local grocery store looking for healthy snacks that appeal to everyone’s taste buds for our movie night is tiring. On a mental level it’s exhausting and movie night with the family, shouldn’t be exhausting in any sense of the word. This is a time to relax and unwind with your favorite people. SmartBox takes the hassle out of picking snacks entirely.


At first, I was a little skeptical as to what to expect. After checking out Smartbox’s website – I liked that they practically send you a box full of vending machine quality foods that are healthy! They also offer various sizes of boxes to accommodate your needs. We ordered the large family box since we are a family of 6 and this came with 29 separate snacks for us to enjoy. Plenty for every one of us!

Smartbox Snack Variety

Smart Box also offers a fitness box, celebration box, a “surprise me” box and all of these can be ordered in a large size or a small size. Large generally has 29 snacks and small has 17. You can find a list of snacks you can expect to find with each box on their website but the flavors will vary.

Smartbox Sweet Treats

Honestly, ordering Smart Box online made our movie nights even more exciting. You don’t pick exactly what items will be in your box or the flavors, so it’s an entirely new element of surprise when unveiling what delicious treats will be found inside of the box.

You can order as a one time order or as a subscription to save even more.

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What are your favorite tips or tricks to make movie night that much more enjoyable?

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