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Disclosure: I received an ARC ebook of A Medical Affair to review in exchange for my honest opinion. This post contains affiliate links.


A Medical Affair
By Anne McCarthy Strauss

About A Medical Affair:

While under the care of her pulmonologist after a life-threatening asthma attack, Heather Morrison enters into an affair with her doctor. This affair violates the state’s code of conduct and his medical treatment violates the Hippocratic oath.  Heather’s life is shattered as a result. After the doctor terminates the relationship, Heather begins research for her own healing, and armed with this information, she initiates a civil lawsuit. Although it is a work of fiction, A Medical Affair was extensively researched.  A Medical Affair is a critical book for women who want to make educated decisions regarding their relationships with their doctor

My Review:

I received an ARC ebook of A Medical Affair to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

Before I begin my review I need to warn anyone and everyone of what this book can do to your love/obsession with reading. First, I finished this book over a period of two days. I started A Medical Affair on Friday evening and finished it by Saturday night. I literally could not put this book down on Saturday to which my Kindle Fire battery needed to be recharged by mid-afternoon.

My Kindle Fire took a few hours to recharge and during that time, I tried to occupy my time until I could read again. When I wasn’t reading A Medical Affair, I was thinking about the characters and the storyline and how it would play out.

Heather meets Dr. Jeff Davis in the ER after he treats her asthma attack. Both of them feel a little attraction and sparks for one another.

Heather and Jeff’s love affair is started by Jeff. In my mind, he is a predator. He knew exactly what he was doing. He had an agenda the entire time. He knew what to say to Heather to make her go along with it. He used medicine to control her as well.

I enjoyed reading A Medical Affair. The book had everything I love about reading. There was mystery, romance, suspense, and strong characters and a great storyline. Most of all, the book kept my eyes glued to each page.

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  1. Stephanie, Thank you so much for taking the time to read A Medical Affair. Your review was wonderful, and is deeply appreciated. Sincerely, Anne

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