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The Manuka Doctor’s Drops of Crystal line is a brand new affordable skincare line that just launched in January.   It is perfect for that younger looking skin that we all want.

While I am tackling my weight loss and stretch marks, why not tackle my fine lines from making an appearance too.  That is why starting off with a serum, such as the Cashmere Touch Serum which will plump and smooth the surface of the skin.   Like any woman, I do not want fine lines and wrinkles to appear on my face.  With the Cashmere Touch Serum, I have been using it on my neck both in the morning and at night to help my skin keep its elasticity and increase firmness. While I have only been using this for just over a week, the line of products smell amazing and I enjoy putting it on my skin.

The next product from the Manuka Doctor’s Drops of Crystal line is the Beautifying Bi-Phase Oil.  I have not had the chance to try this product before, so I was very interested!  My face is spotty and has an uneven tone.  This Beautifying Bi-Phase Oil is to help even skin tone and brighten my complexion on my face.  While helping to plump up my skin to make it look fuller and more youthful.  Just like the serum, this Bi-Phase oil has purified bee venom, Manukau honey, Chilean tree bark, and tomato stem cells in the product.  I have also been using this for just over a week now and I am really not sure when I am going to start seeing real results.  I will continue to use it to give it time to work as I am realistic and know that results do not happen overnight.

The last heavenly smelling product is the Cashmere Touch Cream which is my favorite out of all of these products.  The high intensity of the cream is dreamy and stays on the skin for a long while later.  This is the final step you do to seal in your Beautifying Bi-Phase Oil and the Cashmere Touch Serum you have already applied to your face and your neck.

I like that the cream has the same qualities that you are already getting in the other two products.

After using all three products on my skin, I am seeing it become fuller than before.  I am just going to wait and see what the effects are after a month of using it all and will update this post with my results.

As we age, there is no need to let the world know how old we really are.  By firming and improving the overall appearance of our skin, we can age gracefully.

How do you take on the look of aging in your life?

You can find Manuka Doctor’s Drops of Crystal line on their website or your nearest CVS to get yours.

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  1. Wendy Pence says

    Ooh! Cashmere! Sounds very luxurious. :0)

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