Love Is In The Air

Love Is In The Air - Valentines Day 2017

All holidays are a fun time at our house. We don’t get all crazy and plan huge splashy, fancy parties. But, I do always do a little something for my kids for holidays from Valentine’s Day and Easter to Halloween and Christmas.

I’ve always made little Valentine’s Day themed treat bags, buckets or baskets for each of my three children. They are all probably a little too old for this now being that they are 13, 17 and 23. But, I still enjoy making them and they love receiving them, so I don’t plan on stopping this tradition anytime in the near future!

My husband and my oldest daughter surprised me with these sweet gifts this morning. Ghirardelli and Godiva are, obviously, always awesome. The cupcake with chocolate-dipped strawberry is from a local sweet shop, Sugar Fashion Cakes. Delicious!!!

I love the beautiful cut flower arrangement. It’s very fragrant and looks so beautiful I can’t really decide where to display it. I’ve been moving it around the house all day. LOL

I love my melted wax warmer. I’m always smelling new scents when I spy them in retail stores. I’ve never found one that’s rose-scented before. I can’t wait to pop those babies in and be surrounded by the smell of a rose garden.

Valentines Day 2017-You Are My Sunshine Always Flower Card

There’s a story behind the card on the flower arrangement. When all three of my kids were little, I sang “You Are My Sunshine” to all of them as a nighttime lullaby. There were other little songs, too, but this one has always been my favorite. It’s wonderful when the kids say or do something that brings the sweet memories of their baby and toddler days to mind for me.

Valentines Day 2017 Treats-Krabby Patties-Sixlets-Purell Hand Sanitizer-SweetTarts RopeTarts

Here are all the goodies I picked up this year to create the Valentine’s Day goody bags for my kids. Everything here came from a dollar store. I probably only spent $20-$25 for everything here. For snacks there are Heart-Shaped Krabby Patties Gummy Candies, Sixlets, V-Day Sour Patch Kids, SweetTarts Rope candy and individual frosted brownies with cute sayings on them.

Non-candy stuff is always a part of my treat bags, too, so I chose V-Day themed pencils, Purell travel size hand sanitizer in fun scents and some cute stuffed animals. I know, but weirdly, my kids do say they really like little stuffed animals and they will actually keep them in their rooms. I’m always surprised later to keep coming across these little guys.

Valentines Day 2017-Finished Treat Bags for Kids

So, here are the kids’ treat bags all filled up and ready to be discovered. I can’t wait. I wonder which items inside they will like the best this year!

Husband Valentines Day 2017-Snickers-Jack Links Beef Jerky

My husband is fond of Snickers candy bars and beef jerky. I just couldn’t pass up this Jack Link’s Beef Jerky V-Day heart-shaped treat box that my daughter & I came across while shopping at Target recently. So cute!

We topped off the day with a family dinner of Chinese food complete with egg rolls, crab rangoon and fortune cookies. Pretty Perfect!


What are your Valentine’s Day traditions, if you have any? Or what would your ideal Valentine’s Day include?




Disclaimer: I was not provided any of the products shown in exchange for a review of said products. Everything shown in this article was purchased in a retail store by me for the personal purpose of celebrating Valentine’s Day with my own family. All opinions expressed regarding the products are 100% my own.

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