Love at First Sight (with our minivan)

Love at First Sight (with our minivan)

When my husband first caught an accidental glimpse, it was love at first sight. When he saw our minivan, he was immediately drawn to it.

He first saw our minivan for sale when he was on his way to pick me up from work. He told me about it on the way home and even pointed it out to me as we drove by.

At the time, our Mitsubishi Galant was over 10 years old. We needed an upgrade. It worked for us but the thought of a bigger vehicle was pretty exciting!

When my husband saw the minivan, he thought about all the possibilities we could use it for. We love to travel and a minivan would allow us more room while on the road. Our minivan has extra compartments and our seats fold down to make more space in the back. We also move a lot, so the minivan would allow us to transport big items.

Lastly, my Uncle had the same van, just a different year and a few different features than ours. Our son and myself rode in it when we had to go back to California to see family. So, when we went to look at the minivan at the dealership, our son immediately recognized it.

We loved our minivan at first sight and the price was perfect. It was a used vehicle and it fit our small budget. It only took us a few weeks to decide to look at it and then buy it. Our first car was purchased used, it was a rental car before we bought it. Our used minivan was in great condition, especially considering the price.

We have had our minivan for almost a year now and love it. Our son has a favorite seat to sit in even though he has the whole backseat to himself. Our schedules have been all over the place, so we haven’t had the time to travel. At least we have our minivan and it fits our needs.

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