A Ghost Lab That’s Just In Time For Halloween

LEGO J.B>'s Ghost Lab
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Halloween is one of my absolute favorite Holidays. I love all things spooky and finding activities to get the kids in tow is a must on my list for the season. LEGO is known for releasing Holiday specific sets and this Halloween is no different. My son adored this season’s release and honestly, I think your kids will too! Come join us on the spooky side. 

J.B.’s Ghost Lab


J.B’s Ghost Lab is different than other LEGO sets because this one allows you to go digital. That’s right! LEGO has released a special application that brings this set to life! Build your Ghost Lab, download the app on a compatible device, and prepare yourself for an adventure. 

The LEGO® Hidden Side™ app can be found in the google play store or apple store. Check HERE to make sure your device is compatible with this feature. 

LEGO J.B>'s Ghost Lab Hidden Side Game Play
Gameplay from the LEGO® Hidden Side™ app

Even without the digital aspect, the J.B. Ghost Lab is a great addition when sticking to the Halloween spirit. It comes with 174 pieces and 3 figurines. J.B.’s Ghost Lab is recommended for ages 7+ BUT with assistance, it can easily be manipulated to reach other children’s capabilities.

LEGO J.B>'s Hidden Ghost Lab Figurines

My son is 5 and the J.B.’s Ghost Lab is great for working on fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination, motor planning, and following directions. There is also an extra boost of anticipation to completing this project because of the paired app for.

LEGO J.B's Ghost Lab - Lab

I like to limit meaningless digital playtime. One thing that sticks out to me is that LEGO has taken the time to insure that their LEGO® Hidden Sideâ„¢ encourages purposeful play as well as imaginative play. With hidden activities within the set itself, I can’t help but look forward to what other sets come out with this concept in mind. I also feel like this step on LEGO’s side moves them up in our technology fulfilled world while sticking to traditional play too! 

Whether it’s role-playing in the digital realm or capturing ghosts, the J.B’s Ghost Lab paired with the LEGO® Hidden Sideâ„¢ app, your child is going to have a spooky good time. 

You can find J.B’s Hidden Ghost Lab through LEGO, Amazon, Walmart, Kohls and Target.

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What exciting ways are you preparing for Halloween? 

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