It’s A Disney Frozen Holiday: Are You Ready?

Its A Disney Frozen Holiday Are you ready?
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It is the moment fans have been waiting for. The release of Disney’s Frozen II on November 22, 2019! The first Frozen movie was released in 2013 and while there have been short “movies” released since then with our favorite characters, it isn’t quite the same as a full-length movie. My girls and I have been counting down the days since we heard the release date of the newest adventure and we have been rounding up our gear in the process. I’ve got one item though that truly tops the list of our Frozen frenzy.

Its A Frozen Holiday Are you ready?

In all of my surrounding major retailers, there seems to be section packed with frozen gear with the intent of hyping up the much-anticipated release of Disney’s Frozen II. Dolls, play jewelry, dress-up clothing, and even shoes too. The list is endless. One thing you won’t be found at your local retailer, however, is the perfect pair of Frozen themed glasses. I’m not talking about drinking glasses either. I am talking about the perfect pair of glasses to help your princess improve her vision. No worries though, Discount Glasses has you and I both covered.

Discount Glasses

Discount Glasses Disney Frozen Glasses

When it comes to cute frames for little girls, the selection is relatively slim. Add in my daughter’s obsession with princesses, particularly the ice Queen Elsa herself, and the selection dwindles that much more. Of course, a quick google search shows several sketchy websites that I am unsure of if the glasses will truly be her prescription or just a scam for a quick buck. Discount Glasses is a website that you can count on being reliable and of great quality. Not only for Frozen glasses but also a huge selection of different frames for men, women, boys, and girls.

Discount Glasses Disney's Frozen - Melanie

I personally chose Princess Elsa themed frames from Discount Glasses for my 4-year-old because Elsa is her favorite out of the Frozen princesses. The side pieces are blue have a simple frozen themed image on the outside as well as snowflakes on the inside of the frame. The portion of that holds the lenses are also blue but more os a see-through blue with specks of glitter.

Discount Glasses Elsa Frozen Glasses

Perhaps you’re and Princess Anna fan? Discount Glasses has that covered too. They offer a look-alike frame to the frame we chose for my daughter but in the color purple! They also offer a second style with purple being the signature color and with a rounder lens style.

Discount Glasses Disney's Frozen Sunglasses

Even if your child does not wear prescription lenses, Discount Glasses has sunglasses available in the Frozen theme at an affordable price. The difference between your local retailer and Discount Glasses when it comes to the Frozen Sunglasses is that you get a super cute furry carry pouch to store the glasses in but you also get peace of mind that the quality of the product is there.

Both of the glasses I received were easy to order and arrived just as anticipated tracking wise. I also really like how sturdy the frames are, which is important with kids. Our previous well-known brand glasses didn’t hold up. I think those lasted less than a month sadly. The price listed on the Discount Glasses website includes the lens. (You have the option to add on other features to your lenses such as tinting at an added cost.) You also get a 365-day return policy in case you really just don’t like what you ordered.

Regardless of whether you are ordering for a child or even for an adult, Discount Glasses offers a price point for any budget.

How are you preparing for the anticipated release of Disney’s Frozen II?

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