Hungry For Love-A Contemporary Romance Novel

Hungry For Love-A Contemporary Romance Novel - Hungry For Love by Maya Sacher

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On any given day it’s pretty rare for me not to be reading a book for some portion of it, either while waiting for the kids somewhere, sitting in a waiting room, or tucked into bed late in the evening. I go from one right into the next one most of the time. Often I read several books at the same time, switching back and forth between them. People think I’m weird and wonder how I can keep the plot lines straight. I don’t know. It’s just how I do!

It’s fun to find authors I’ve not read before because it’s like meeting a new friend. You know? I mean, every book has its own narrative voice for me depending on how the book reads. I read many different genres from horror to sci fi, biography to history, classics to contemporary. It’s all game if the back of the jacket cover offers an interesting synopsis of the contents.

We’ve all read romance novels where the leading lady has to choose between two lovers, but Hungry For Love by Maya Sacher isn’t all romance. There is plenty of other action to keep track of, as well.

There’s the daughter of one man who the main character, Elizabeth, tries to connect to while trying to nurture a new relationship with the girl’s father. There’s her husband who has been in a coma for a long time (that he isn’t expected to recover from), but somehow does just that right at the critical moment as she decides maybe it’s time to move forward and has met someone new. Awwwwk-waaard!!! How does one navigate that situation and make the right choice?!

There’s the career she doesn’t love in the family business of dentistry. She must decide whether to leave her job and pursue a lifelong passion for baking and navigate how that would affect her already strained relationship with her father. And in the midst of all of this she is still having lingering feelings about her mother who has passed away and the stepmother she’s always thought she despised. Talk about complex!

This book caught my attention at just the right time. I was in between larger, heavier subject books and was looking for something to entertain but not engross my attention. Sort of a cleansing of the palette before moving on to something new, so to speak. So, this book was just the thing I needed, it had a story line that I could get into, that kept me engaged throughout, and that helped me relax after a hard day. Perfect!

The story definitely never got boring and the ending was unexpected. I don’t think I’ve ever read another novel quite like this one. I found it to be very enjoyable indeed. It’s not a super short book but it was still a pretty quick read, so if you’re looking for some new reading material to take on vacation or to read before bedtime, this is an excellent choice.


Hungry For Love by Maya Sacher




Elizabeth, a dentist in her late thirties, doesn’t have it all. She is coping with her husband’s coma, her unresolved grief over her mother’s death, her mixed feelings toward her stepmother, dissatisfaction with her job. Unexpectedly, she falls in love with a musical zoo curator from Australia. He is divorced, he has a dog and a tween daughter who doesn’t want Elizabeth around. When her husband wakes up, Elizabeth’s life is thrown into chaos. The choice before her is unbearable because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone, yet she wants to do the right thing, whatever that is. The expectations of her family and her men don’t make it any easier. What should she do? Can she have her cookie and eat it too?


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Hungry For Love-A Contemporary Romance Novel

Hungry For Love-A Contemporary Romance Novel

Hungry For Love-A Contemporary Romance Novel

Hungry For Love-A Contemporary Romance Novel

Hungry For Love-A Contemporary Romance Novel


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