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Halloween Wreath



I have a super crafty friend that loves any do-it-yourself project. One day this friend hosted a wreath making party. I am not the craftiest person so I was hesitant, but went nonetheless. By the end of the party, I had caught the wreath-making bug! Since then I have made five new wreaths for various holidays and as gifts. It was easy, cheap (I get all my materials from the Dollar Tree), and fun!


What You Will Need for Wreath Making:


  • A wreath frame
  • Six rolls of crafting mesh (I usually use two or three different colors and get two rolls of each color)
  • Pipe cleaners – Cut into threes
  • Ribbon, tulle, and items to decorate the completed wreath


Wreath Making - Crafting Mesh and Pipecleaners

Crafting Mesh and Pipecleaners


The Process for Wreath Making:


  • Cut the crafting mesh into pieces about 4 inches long. I like to cut all my mesh at once and then start the next step in the process. You will group the mesh into threes and tie it to create bundles for the body of the wreath. I use groupings of three, usually two pieces of my “main” color and one piece of the secondary color. For a traditional size wreath, you will need 36 pieces of each color you wish to use in the bundle. For example, if your colors are red, white, and blue, cut 36 of each color. If you were only using two colors, you would choose the “main” color and then I would cut 72 pieces of that color, and 36 of your secondary color. You are now ready to build your wreath!


Wreath Making - Crafting Mesh 4 Inch Pieces

Crafting Mesh 4 Inch Pieces
  • Take your cut mesh and roll each piece.


Wreath Making - Crafting Mesh Rolled

Crafting Mesh Rolled
  • Group the rolled pieces into threes and secure them with a pipe cleaner.


Wreath Making - Crafting Mesh Bundle of Three

Crafting Mesh Bundle of Three
  • Once you have all of your bundles, secure them to the second wire in from the top of the frame with pipe cleaners. Make sure that the pipe cleaner is facing the back of the frame. There are six sections on each frame and I use six bundles in each section. This ensures a full wreath!


Wreath Making - Attach Your Bundles

Attach Your Bundles
  • Once you have secured all of your bundles, it is time to add a second layer. For your second layer you can repeat the steps for the first layer or you can use the tulle instead. I have done both but personally prefer the tulle as it adds more pizazz. This layer will only use 25 bundles which are constructed the same way as the crafting mesh bundles.


  • Once you have decided on your second layer and gotten your bundles made, you can begin attaching them to the third wire in from the top of the frame.


Wreath Making - Attach Your Tulle

Attach Your Tulle
  • After adding all of the bundles, it is time to decorate your wreath. Some decoration ideas are:


Decorations for Wreath Making:


  • Bows
  • Ribbons
  • Butterflies
  • Flowers
  • Leaves
  • Themed decorations for the holiday (spiders, snowmen, flags, etc.)
  • Pinecones
  • Signs for the center (Welcome, Happy Halloween etc. I use the hanging signs from the Dollar Tree)

I attach my decorations with a hot glue gun or in some cases just by using more pipe cleaners.


Wreath Making - Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath


Wreath Making - Harvest Wreath

Harvest Wreath

The fun thing about wreath making is that you can decorate them in so many ways and most of the time, the more you add, the better the wreath looks in the end!


What is your favorite tip or trick for making fabulous looking DIY wreaths?




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