How To Get Quality Photos Without Professional Equipment

How To Get Quality Photos Without Professional Equipment

Have you been wanting to start your own blog or Instagram, but didn’t because you don’t have professional equipment? Well, you don’t need it! You can still get amazing photos while using an affordable background and natural lighting. It’s what I use for my beauty blog and Instagram!

As a beauty blogger it can get a little expensive keeping up with everything. There’s a lot of bloggers out there and you want to make sure you’re getting all of the new releases. Because of that, buying professional equipment isn’t possible. I’ve always made due with that I’ve had: a good quality camera, a sony a5000, a piece of marble tile that was less than $5 at Home Depot, and natural lighting.

Visit your local Home Depot and check out their selection of white marble tiles. Look in the store would be better than shopping online. I chose one that had a little grey and black in it, but I wanted it mostly white since that’s the best background for beauty products. Think about what you’re photographing and what’s going to help make your photos stand out.

Photo set up

How I set up my beauty products

Pick the room that has the best natural lighting. My office has a large double window so it’s perfect for taking blog photos. I place the tile on a bench a few feet away from the window. The blanket just helps the tile stay put. Once you get the ideal lighting, start taking pictures!

The finished product - nail polish

Getting Instagram ready

In the photos you’ll see how clean, and professional the photos turn out and I just used the marble tile and natural lighting. The camera is a nice mirrorless camera that I got on sale for $349 (regularly $499) at Target right before Black Friday. I even use the tile to quickly snap a photo for an Instagram post. Once you’re done you can edit your photos in your photo editing program. MAC computers come equipped with one, but I also use Pixelmatr when editing the size, width, and pixels of an image.

It’s going to be trial and error. You’ll figure out what time of day, where to stand, and where to place or bench or table works best for you. It won’t take long to see that you don’t need high quality professional equipment to take fabulous photos! You’re not going to have the money starting out and it is best not to stress about things you can’t control. Use these tips for taking your blog and Instagram photos and go from there. This is to help get your blog off the ground and running.

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