One Bug Your Toddler is Going to Love

One Bug Your Toddler Is Going to Love
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I have been on the hunt for new items that may appeal to my children for a while now. Educationally and play based. Finding toys that also appeal to my youngest daughters sensory seeking tendencies is even better. She’s a take something for what it’s worth and leave the rest behind type of child. I am ecstatic to say, we have finally found a bug that appeals to her interests perfectly.

That’s right, a BUG! A HEXBUG nano junior that is, but a bug nevertheless.

EEK! Look at this bug!

HEXBUG Nano Jr. in the wild

HEXBUG has been around for a few years now in different variations but because of my children’s ages. I have to admit I hadn’t really paid attention to them. Add age with the fact that my oldest child for the longest time had no interest in toys what so ever. My second child was light years ahead of the toys for their ages it felt like.

My third child, suffered a little more than the older two however when it came to toys. Her developmental delays come from the problem-solving aspect of life. If something is going to interest her, it needs to be pleasing right off of the bat, appeals to her sensory needs, and no added bells or whistles. Simplicity is best for her. HEXBUG nano jr provides all of those things for her.

HEXBUG nano junior

HEXBUG Nano Junior

The HEXBUG nano junior is designed similarly to a bug. It has 12 legs and uses vibration technology to mimic bugs crawling. This bug goes in circles all across the floor which gives the thrill of an actual bug. This concept got the biggest laugh out of my daughter of all. The HEXBUG nano junior is just plain silly which is perfect for children. Especially toddlers who are curious.

The HEXBUG nano junior does use batteries, which are entrapped within the bug with a screw as reinforcement.

HEXBUG Nano Junior button
  • HEXBUG nano junior is targeted for ages 18 months – 36 months and is much larger than traditional hexbugs so the risk of chocking should your child mouth this bug is minimal.
  • I would not say interest in this items lasts for hours of one sitting but it is the perfect item to bring out to get some energy out. The HEXBUG nano jr has a knack for bringing out a fit of laughter and silliness.
  • Sensory wise this appeals to my daughter because of the vibrations. Many children with Autism or SPD seek sensory input and this is a great item for that purpose. My daughter loves just carrying it around whether it be in the house. She also likes it while riding in the car. Her interest in this is purely for the input from the vibration.
HEXBUG Nano Junior Design

You can find HEXBUG nano junior’s in several different colors (pink, green, blue, yellow, just to name a few). They can be found on Amazon and HEXBUGS website.

HEXBUG Nano Nitro 5 Pack Toy
Photo Credit: HEXBUG

If you like the concept of HEXBUGs nano junior but have older children where choking may not be a risk, I highly encourage you to look for HEXBUG Nano for older children. You can find HEXBUG nano at Walmart, Target, and Amazon. The HEXBUG Nano (not the JR version) actually has playsets as well as multi-packs. The nano would lead to much longer play time and fun when paired with sets or other HEXBUG nanos.

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