Grocery Shopping Alternatives To Consider This Earth Week

Shopping Alternatives To Consider This Earth Week
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Every year we celebrate Earth Week as a reminder to appreciate all the beauty our planet has to offer. We truly are blessed with so much natural beauty as well as natural wonders and this is a time to reflect on ways we can go back to our natural roots and rely on natural products our planets provide for us. I’ve come up with a few of my favorite grocery related items that I think you’ll enjoy too!

As time has progressed, the convenience of modern products, as well as price, has made it easier than ever to reach for other alternatives, especially when grocery shopping. Plastic bags are a huge convenience when grocery shopping and while they can be reused, they are also a major pollutant. Earth week is a great way for us to focus on ways to change our habits and focus on new ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Change our currents habits and have a positive impact on the environment and the earth, Shopping is a “hobby” many of us have, why not start there?

Sol + Spirit

Sol + Spirit makes a 100% organic cotton tote bag that provides pockets to keep ALL of your products organized. This tote bag measures 13.5″ x 14.5″ x 8″. Now that I have addressed the specifics – let me tell you why I LOVE this bag. It is literally my FAVORITE bag because it’s size is perfect for EVERYTHING.

An afternoon with the kids? Great! Toss anything you need inside. There are pockets for snacks, drinks, and anything else you need.

A quick trip to the store? Perfect. Pockets for your vegetables, fruit, AND you still have room for large items too! No, it isn’t a one and done bag for ALL of your items but I am impressed how much from Costco I can fit into this one bag. I feel like the word Costco say’s a lot in that sentence.

Fact: This bag goes everywhere with me. My kid’s therapy. Trip’s to the playground (pre-COVID 19). Grocery store runs. Etc.

Another favorite is that because this bag is cotton, I can wash it with my favorite all-natural detergents and know that it is safe to be used around my foods and my children’s skin.

If all of this alone isn’t enough to convince you, then let the proceeds being donated to clean our ocean’s be reason enough.


PurifYou sells these amazing reusable meshed produce bags that are made from 100% organic unbleached cotton. I personally love to use PurifYou bags as a way to reduce plastic in my refrigerator as well as a way to keep produce I buy at my local farmers market organized.

Photo Credit: PurifYou

PurifYou meshed produce bags are double stitched and heavy duty so you don’t need to worry about the quality when it comes bagging your produce! The bags are made to handle even the heaviest items – watermelons, potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries, banana’s, etc. It doesn’t matter!

Because the bags are made from cotton, I have found that my products have a longer shelf life as well which is a huge plus in my household. With 4 kids some products usually are gone within a day or two, but items we use for soups such as celery tend to hang out in the refrigerator a little longer than some of our favorites tend to.

Photo Credit: PurifYou

PurifYou also sells a great glass water bottle made with silicone covering’s in a variety of colors in case you get thirsty while you are out and about! It’s perfect while out and about.

How are you celebrating Earth Week?

Here are some way’s Beauty Brite is celebrating Earth Week.

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