Getting Bikini Ready with an At Home Laser Hair Removal Machine

me smooth hair reduction device

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As you know bikini season is here and I know I get tired of making sure my body is free from unwanted hair.
I’ve been using the me smooth At Home Hair Removal  machine for the past two months.

The me smooth device is for all skin tones and for the 18-65 age range and you will only use it once a week until your no longer have to shave or wax. I started seeing mine at 7 weeks. Now it takes my leg hairs a little over a week to grow out some and they have thinned out a lot!

Both women and men can use this device.

Me smooth hair reduction device

For some reason after I had my daughter, I started growing leg hairs only a little above my ankles and below. Weird I know. They were thick black hairs too. Before that, I never had to shave my legs. You can barely tell I have hair on my arms since they’re so thin.

It doesn’t take me long to shave them but there’s always those times when I get ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Who wants to go pool side or at the beach with that?

This device has three settings: Low, Medium and High.

Me smooth hair reduction device

I’ve been using the medium setting. It does have a slight sting to it if it’s on a setting to high for you. You’re just going to have to do a quick skin test prior to completing a session.

Before using this, you’ll want to have freshly shaved areas that way the device is focusing on the hair follicles below your skin surface.

To turn on the machine, you’ll press the power button on the bottom left, select the level you want to use, then lift the applicator and turn around and press that once. You’ll see the button that says “elos” and it will turn blue. You will start to hear a little buzzing noise.

Me smooth hair reduction device

The applicator itself has two silver bars that is attached to the window where the light pulses come out from.

Me smooth hair reduction device

Those two silver bars has to touch the skin completely for it to work.

Below is the wrong way to use it.

Me smooth hair reduction device

The correct way to use is below.

Me smooth hair reduction device

You’re going to glide the applicator along the area you’re treating. You will see a bright blue light go off as you move it along your skin. Keep it moving along your skin and don’t treat one area with multiple lights at the same time. You’re going to be gliding it as the light is going off. If you keep it in one spot, the heat from the light pulses can damage your skin. We don’t want that happening!

I’ve been using this on my arms as well even though you can barely see the hairs prior but now they are just smooth as can be!

Each area has different time frames.

  • Underarm: 1 minute each underarm
  • Bikini line: 2 minutes each side
  • Arm: 3 minutes
  • Full leg: 10 minutes
  • Shoulder: 2 minutes
  • Abdomen : 5 minutes
  • Chest: 6 minutes
  • Back: 12 minutes

Like I said earlier, it now takes a little over a week for my leg “ankle” hairs to grow and it grows in thin now. I love this because I literally live down the street from the beach and I don’t have to worry about shaving my legs before heading out.

Normally after I shower or bathe, once I get out, I get those crazy goosebumps and my hairs automatically grows back! Urg! I couldn’t wait til I started using this!

It does take a while for you to start seeing results, but in the end it’s totally worth the time and hassle for later.

Today, my friends dragged me out of my house to go to the beach since I’ve been pretty much hibernating since my breakup. So it was good that I knew that I didn’t have to worry about any hairy stumbles on my legs. Also, when I went into the water at the beach in got my goosebumps but I didn’t get any stubbles!

I can jump out of bed, put my swim gear on and smooth on some tanning lotion and head out the door.

You can tell here where my hairs would grow and this is a week since I last shaved. I’m been a total bum lately.

Me smooth results

Wearing a bikini and barring on your skin, you’re going to want to make sure you get all your unwanted hair disappear. This was me today after the beach so I have my crazy salt water Florida beach hair. Excuse the mess on the floor. ?

Get rid of unwanted hair

You can get your device on their me smooth website, Costco, Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Stay connected with them on TWITTER, FACEBOOK, and INSTAGRAM for their latest news and promotions.


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