Easy Smart Home Hack For Older Appliances

Easy Smart Home Hack For Older Appliances -- The Bond

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Remote- (or voice-) controlled devices make moving through my day a little easier. It’s an unnecessary luxury, but a welcomed one, all the same. Especially since I’m often on my feet flitting from one task to the next and stopping to flip a switch or find a remote control for pretty much anything is an aggravation that I just don’t need. Check out this new little home technology gem that I’ve found to make that super easy!

We have our Amazon Alexa set up to turn lights on and off and dim or brighten them with voice commands. We also have some Phillips Hue LED lights that we can set to different colors and they even cycle through colors or can do flashing patterns. We can tell Alexa it’s time for bed and she will turn on the standing fans and standing lamps on our nightstands in the master bedroom. Then when we tell her Goodnight, she turns off the lamps but leaves the fans running. She can even be told to turn the television on or off. Just a few little niceties we enjoy daily.

Now, look. I’m no tech guru. That would be my husband and teenage son’s area of expertise. They have introduced some pretty fantastic tech products to our home. They know all the specs and stuff for these technological advances they’ve installed, while I know the bare basics about how to use them. I know I should become more informed about all that, but there is so much else in my day to do and accomplish that I never seem to take the time.

The newest little technological marvel that we’ve introduced at home is the Bond. This system gives one the ability to turn any remote controlled ceiling fan or fireplace into a wireless voice- or app-controlled appliance. It can be used with the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


I know, some of you are thinking, “My gosh, another device to add to all the dozens of others in my home?” Yes. I feel you. But, remotes… remotes… remotes… they always seem to get laid down in the oddest of places and are never, ever where they’re supposed to be when you need them. Plus, the Bond can be set up and then pretty much just forgotten about since you use your voice to activate it rather than yet another stinking remote control.

In four easy steps you can have The Bond working hard for you, too!

The Bond-quick set up instructions

You simply set up the Bond’s wireless device and use it to record and recall the signals of the remote control for your appliance. You need to remove the Bond from the packaging and plug it into an outlet. Once the light ring turns green it’s ready to go. Download the Bond App and connect it to your wireless network. Once it’s connected to your network the light ring will turn blue and you will be able to use it to control up to six remote-controlled devices.


The Bond is compact, taking up a very small bit of real estate on a shelf or side table. We even later moved it to the bottom shelf of this side table. Out of sight but still working hard!

Additionally, you can add the Bond Widget to the Today View on your iOS smartphone (where you swipe left on your main screen to see news, appointments, etc) or on the home screen of your Android device. You can find all the setup and connection instructions you will ever need HERE. 

Since we already had our lights and standing fans connected through our Alexa, we only have so far used The Bond for ceiling fans. But, it’s way cool to be able to use my voice to tell Alexa to turn the ceiling fan in the living room on and off rather than walk across the room to use the remote to do it. I can stay snuggled up on the couch with the kitties or puppies, whichever happen to have claimed my lap at the time. 

You can also use Amazon Echo with The Bond by downloading a skill for it. Check out a YouTube video for that. Pretty cool!

Here’s a quick recap of the main features of The Bond:

  • Works with any remote-controlled ceiling fan
  • Voice control through Alexa and Google Home
  • Setup takes just minutes
  • No hardware to install or rewire
  • Controls lights, fan speeds
  • Enables control away from home

This is a much more cost-effective way to update your home’s small appliance technology than going to the expense of buying new ceiling fans and going through the sometimes time-consuming and expensive process of rewiring or replacing stuff in your home to make new appliances fit in.

The Bond itself is small and unassuming looking. It will fit in with any decorative theme your home may have and will just practically disappear into the background. It fits in the palm of your hand comfortably, weighs only 16 oz., and features a nicely sized 10 ft. connection cable.

Gone are the days of searching for this darn remote control!!!

ceiling fan remote control

Other devices soon to be added to The Bond for consumer convenience are appliances like gas or electric fireplaces, window air conditioner units, and motorized window shades. That’s pretty cool, I’d love to have motorized window shades in my bedroom that I could control with my voice!

You can purchase The Bond directly from the company, from Amazon, or Home Depot.

Would you try a product like the Bond to get smart home features without the high cost (or inconvenience) of installation?

Easy Smart Home Hack For Older Appliances

Easy Smart Home Hack For Older Appliances

Easy Smart Home Hack For Older Appliances

Easy Smart Home Hack For Older Appliances

Easy Smart Home Hack For Older Appliances

Easy Smart Home Hack For Older Appliances

Easy Smart Home Hack For Older Appliances

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