Creative Play: Little Minds with Big Imagination

Creative Play Little Minds with Big Imagination
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Children have the largest imaginations I have possibly ever seen. Children see endless potential with simple tools. As a mom of four, I try to provide my kids with the opportunity to put their imagination to use as much as possible. Sometimes simplicity is best. Breaking out the basics encourages the most creative play. This popular brand is one I turn to frequently when it comes to providing open, creative play and I think you’ll agree that they are the best too.

If you follow my writing on Beauty Brite, then you have seen where I mentioned LEGO’s Hidden Side – J.B.’s Ghost Lab as a pre-Halloween activity. My kids are still playing with this set, several weeks after my post first went live. I have also written about LEGOs Brick Headz Witch in the past as well. It is no secret LEGO has been a long-standing favorite in my household.


As a child, I remember playing with LEGOs and my brothers having a competition to see who could build the better space ship or fort using their LEGOs. Now my children do the same too.

LEGO Bricks and Ideas

Lego Bricks and Ideas

LEGO Bricks and Ideas is one of the best starter kits when it comes to the stage where your child has outgrown megabloks. The LEGO Brick and Ideas set comes with 123 pieces and is aged for ages 4 and up. This set comes with the pieces to make a train, dinosaur, a LEGO house, and more. The foundation pieces are available for a variety of items to be built. With eyes, wheels, and hinges – the potential is really there for creative play.

The LEGO Brick and Ideas set is a great starter set because it doesn’t come wit ha set purpose like other LEGO sets. There is no predetermined end game when it comes to this particular set. It was fully made with letting little minds use their creative imagination to determine where their building leads them.

Legos Bricks and Ideas Packaging

This set can also be found at most major retailers. Walmart, Target, Kohls, Amazon, and Michaels.

When I say budget-friendly, I mean legit budget-friendly. $10 or less at most retailers. Which makes it even more appealing to pick up because you can easily add other sets with this starter set or you can pick it up as a trial run per se to see how interested your child is when it comes to LEGOs. No shame in acknowledging that not all creators are interested in building. There’s also no shame in encouraging creative growth in children while they are young or even when they are older.

What are your favorite ways to encourage creative play?

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  1. Arts and Bricks says

    Yes, Great starter set…especially for stocking stuffers. The LEGO Classic Bricks Creativity Boxes are also low-priced and can be picked out by color. There are orange-only, green-only, blue-only and red-only. Again, available at all major retailers and online.

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