Create Eye Defining Looks

Create Eye Defining Looks

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They say the eyes are the windows to the world. Well then, my eyes better sparkle and shine. Thanks to the Japonesque Pixelated Color Eye Palette, Mini Eyelash Curler and Velvet Touch Eye Brush Set my mission for creating eye-defining looks for day or night can be accomplished.

The Japonesque Pixelated Color Eye Palette is an impressive and versatile palette. I really appreciate having 4 pro basic shadows and 6 pixelated colors to work with.  The pro basic shades are ideal for using as transition, base/liner and highlight shadows. The diversity of the pixelated shadows makes this palette not only a shimmer lover’s dream, but also a solid choice for all skin tones and eye colors.

Japonesque Pixelated Color Eye Palette and Swatches

The shadows are very creamy. They apply, blend, and build extremely well. And unlike many shimmer shadows, there is little to no fallout during application or throughout wear time. Speaking of wear time, a primer is highly recommended if you want to get the most out of your eye defining looks. Without a primer, I noticed the lasting time of shadows decreased and I had significant creasing.

Of course, no eye look is complete without great brushes. I’ve been a fan of Japonesque brushes since I received one in a Wantable Makeup Box. I’m so glad to add the four new Velvet Touch Eye Brush Set to my collection. Each set comes with an angled eyeliner, cut crease, crease blending, and smudger brush.

Japonesque Velvet Touch Eye Brush Set

The brushes are the perfect size for travel or everyday use. They are sleek and easy to work with, without being too small. The bristles are soft, yet sturdy, and deliver the perfect amount of color or blending right where I want it.  I brought these set with me on a recent trip instead of my usual plethora of brushes. I did add at a spoolie for my brows and a line softener brush I like to use for my inner corner highlight. I know the Velvet Touch Eye Brush set will be my go to travel brushes for years to come.

Japonesque Heated Mini Eyelash Curler

The final goodie Japonesque was kind enough to send me to try was the Heated Mini Eyelash Curler. I must admit when I was first asked to review this I was a bit nervous. I have a bit of weird eye issue, fear, whatever you want to call it. I can’t even put drops in my eyes and don’t get me started on the thought of wearing contacts…squirm city. The thought of using a standard eyelash curler actually freaks me out (can someone say issues).

Despite my issue, I soldiered on. I put an AAA battery into the curler and pressed the on button. The curler heated up quickly and I put it to the test. I found it easy to use because it’s similar to applying mascara. I have no problem sticking a wand near my eye if I don’t give too much thought to what I’m doing. The effect is a more curled lash, though I’m not sure how dramatic the curl is as compared to curling mascaras. I do like the versatility of the Heated Mini Eyelash Curler. I can use it with or without mascara, and my lashes stay curled pretty much all day. Now, if I could only get over my eye phobia I could take my eye-defining looks to new heights.

What’s your favorite eye-defining look? Have you ever used an eyelash curler?

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  1. Daria says

    I have used an eyelash curler but really wondered if they work. I bet the eyelash heat wand would work better. And you just introduced me to some new makeup brushes. Thanks!

  2. I struggle with eye make up and I am afraid to try new colors. This is great though, encourages me to step out of my comfort zone!

    • It is fun to break out of your comfort zone sometimes. You never know where it may lead.

  3. I struggle with eye make up the most. I don’t want to use too much or too bold colors, but when it’s done properly, it does wonders.

    • Definitely. A great eye shadow palette and tools can really help create the best eye look.

  4. I have very long eyelashes and have never needed a curler. I do love those pixelated colors though!

  5. Jill says

    Having the right brush makes a world of difference when it cone to the perfect eye look. I love the pallet the colors are beautiful.

  6. A heated eye lash curler? That sounds very cool. My daughter would love all the eye makeup!

  7. I love eye makeup but I do not have a steady hand. That eyelash curler sounded interesting to me because I wouldn’t make a mess with it.

  8. Great Guide!, I never seen this pallete before, I love how you show all the,different brushes! Great tips!

  9. Gosh, I haven’t used makeup since college. I did use a manual eye curler though. I have a difficult time with eye drops too so I’ll stay away from a heated curler. Gasp.

  10. I love a good shimmer shadow so it is great that there is very little fall out. This palette looks like it has some nice colours!

  11. girlonthemoveblog01 says

    I’ve never used a heated lash curler, but now I’m intrigued! And I love the colors in the palette

  12. Wow, what a cute pallette I love the shimmers shadow I’m a fan of it.

  13. reesann723 says

    i feel like i never can do my eyes good! This looks like a great bunch of products to try!

  14. I just about never wear makeup. I’m terrible at application. I need a makeup artist!!!

  15. almostindianwife says

    I would love to try out some new eye looks! I always stick with the same colors of eye shadow because I don’t know where to branch out!

  16. I know nothing about makeup so this is very informative. I like the shades of color.

  17. Thank you for this. I never knew about the brushes. I just used any and everything that’s available for my eye shadow. lol

  18. I’m all about a cat eye!!!!! Then again I’m makeup obsessed so I’m all about any type of makeup look lol

  19. Karina Pacheco says

    Such a fun palette with beautiful eye colors. Love this one and even though I don’t use eye makeup a lot due to allegories this one is one I would buy and try.

  20. The eyelash curlers scare me too! I love the colors in this palette and I am going to have to try those brushes.

  21. These eyeshadows are so sparkly. I love them, especially the purple color.

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