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I happen to be the Mom who spends most of her time cooking tasty treats in the kitchen for my family and friends.   I personally enjoy cooking and love all things food related! Cooking is such a passion; then we sit down at the table and share about our day. What was our “highs” and “lows” for the day? After dinner, we usually enjoy some great desserts. Even though I love cooking, I have a hard time “baking”. I never buy the right things and just have a hard time creating delicious masterpieces. Baking has NOT been my favorite part of being in the kitchen, I decided to try and fool proof baking box called, Rise Baking.

Rise Baking takes the intimidation and hassle out of baking with results that will have anyone baking like a pro. All recipes are “Scratch Baking Made Simple”. The process is simple. Each month you will choose recipes that suit your taste. Then, your monthly baking box will arrive fully stocked with pre-measured and color coded ingredients making the baking process simple.  It was so easy to add, mix and follow directions my son wanted to jump in and actually help bake with us. Score for the Mom who sometimes feel overwhelmed with baking.

I love how easy this box made baking. They included everything you will need including the eggs and butter!! To me that shows how innovate this box service is and how great it is to have in your monthly routine. I did not have to go out and shop for all new ingredients or stock things I will not be using again. I simply ordered online and they sent everything to my door. The hassle of shopping was completely eliminated which was wonderful!

I love the concept and convenience of the Rise Baking box. We choose Walnut Chocolate Chip cookies.

But, how did it taste?  These cookies were absolutely delicious. I loved the flavoring, plus they stayed nice and chewy instead of rock hard cookies. They were not only easy to bake but also tasted great. We will be continuing to use this service because we enjoyed it so much!

Do you enjoy baking? Which tasty treat would you have sent to your door?

Check all the desserts on their website. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Interesting idea! I used to love to bake, but haven’t done much in the past few years.

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