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It was time for a change.  It had been going on too long and I was tired of it.  We were together since late 2007 and it was time to move on.

We were inspired to evaluate our spending. We wanted to cut our bills wherever possible. We also decided to make some changes after reading aspiration online bank reviews that I stumbled upon. After that, we realized it was time to cut down.

This week, we broke up with Progressive and switched to Allstate!  We are now saving over $20 a month on car and renter’s insurance each month!  After our recent move, I decided to shop around for insurance.  With a quick quote request online, I realized that we could be saving over $20 a month and shared the good news with my husband the next day.

Our renter’s insurance went into effect a few days ago and our car insurance will go into effect at the end of this month!

saving and spending

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If you are looking for easy savings, try shopping around for insurance!  I am so thrilled that we will be saving so much each month.  Our savings will add up!  I am still so amazed that it only took me a few minutes to shop for a new insurance quote!  I used ebates to request a quote from Allstate.  Going through ebates allowed me to earn $3 just for requesting a car insurance quote!  I love shopping online, so ebates is a great way to earn cash back on my purchases.

There are a few changes coming to our family and we are very excited about them!  With changes, every chance we can save or earn money back, I am all for it.  Of course, I will be blogging about them, so stay tuned!  Meanwhile, I hope you are enjoying all of the giveaways!  If you are looking to earn extra cash at home, be sure to check out the programs I use.

How do you save money?  I would love to get back into couponing again, however, I usually used coupons at Walgreens for non-food items.  I have more than enough bath and body products, so I have not bothered to use coupons nor have do I have the need to buy non-food items.

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  1. Maria Iemma says

    I try to save money at the grocery store shopping loss leaders and cooking all our meals at home.

  2. Karen Glatt says

    I like saving money on Insurance! It costs too much. I have to use coupons on anything that I can save money on! I might as well look for a coupon if I am buying a certain item. I like saving as much money as I can!

  3. Nicole Strunk says

    We currently have progressive and they handled my last accident amazingly! We have thought about shopping around but have realized that companies seem to give to a lower rate at the beginning and then hike up the prices after your 6 month policy expires (even if no tickets or accidents). I never thought about quote shopping though Ebates. I love that site! Thanks for the tip.

  4. We try to bundle services to get discounts. We cut out things we don’t need, like cable. We only have 1 vehicle. I don’t coupon though, up here in Canada we don’t get the same great coupons you guys do so it’s not really worth it. I just try to stock up when things are on sale.

  5. Ashley Watts says

    haha allstate guy is the best

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