Easy Easter Crafts

Easter Crafts 1 & 2 - finished products

Easter is right around the corner, less than a week away. If you are like me, you always have great ideas for holiday crafts or decorations that you’d love to make. Though I have all of these great ideas that I gather from various sources, I always seem to find myself leaving the actual execution of these ideas until the last minute – often until it’s too late to actually complete them. For once, last year, I actually was on point and got two easy, fun Easter crafts completed (with my daughter’s assistance) before the Easter holiday passed me by.

Even though there is less than a week until Easter, these two crafts are so easy (you may even already have the items required in your home) that you can probably get them done very quickly. However, even if you don’t, anything you may need can very easily be found in your favorite local stores…. [read more]