Perfect Charm For Fall

Perfect Charm For Fall
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As a woman, I love wearing jewelry! I think jewelry adds a little sparkle to any outfit I am wearing. As a mom, there are times I don’t have time to even think about wearing jewelry. As a work at home mom, I rarely wear jewelry since I am home.

Jewelry is beautiful and each piece that I own has special meaning to me. I have had the honor of reviewing the Mom Disk Charm necklace and the Scallop Seashell Charm necklace both from Helen Ficalora.

Sterling Silver Feather Big Mini Charm Necklace

With Fall around the corner, I thought it fitting to share the Feather Big Mini Charm necklace. Many of us are ready for the colorful brown, yellow and orange leaves, the cooler temperatures, scarves, boots, pumpkins, and even pumpkin spice coffee!

Feather Big Mini Charm necklace

I never thought I would be a fan of the Fall season. When I lived in California, I loved summertime! It wasn’t hot and humid like it is here in the South. It would get hot, but we had a pool to cool off in! As for Fall, I love the cooler weather and the sound of crunching leaves.

The Feather Big Mini Charm necklace is very detailed in its design. The necklace and charm are made of sterling silver. I prefer wearing sterling silver because it works with my skintone. The feather charm reminds me of Fall, birds and Thanksgiving.

Feather Big Mini Charm necklace selfie

While I can wear the necklace as lone feather, I found that adding it to my Mom Disk Charm necklace adds a layer. I’ve never really had a charm bracelet, instead, I have a charm necklace. I can easily add more charms to this necklace if I wanted.

Since I also have the Scallop Seashell Charm necklace, I can add the feature with the seashell too. I adore the Feather Big Mini Charm necklace, it pairs perfectly with another charm.

I hope to gift my mom with a Mom Disk Charm necklace. It may look simple but a mom necklace is the perfect gift for any mom!

Charm necklaces make perfect gifts because they each have special meaning. In addition to the Mom Disk Charm necklace being my favorite, I also have an initial necklace that I love wearing. These days, I seem to prefer wearing necklaces. Bracelets may get in my way or I would be afraid of losing them. I would love to wear different rings on my fingers too.

What are your favorite pieces of jewelry? Do you prefer wearing necklaces, bracelets or rings?

You can find Helen Ficalora on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. I love feathers! This one is very pretty, and so dainty! It is perfect for an understated embellishment for any outfit. Super cute on you!

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