Is This Coffee Maker Enough To Put All The Others to Rest?

Is This Coffee Maker Enough To Put All The Others to Rest?
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Every year a new coffee maker is released. Whether it be for espresso, cold brew, a new k-cup affiliated machine, and even standard coffee machines. I own quite a few, to be honest, and each with their own function that stands out but none of them are an all in one by any means. I have been on the search for ONE machine that can handle it all. Basic pot of coffee, K-Cup for when I am in a rush, and an Espresso maker for when I need that extra boost. There’s a new coffee machine on the market. Is it enough to retire all of my other machines and clear out some much-needed storage space?

Mr. Coffee hasn’t been sleeping on the needs of coffee addicts across the world. They provide innovative technology that appeals to all needs and budgets. I have had my basic Mr. Coffee 4 cup coffee maker for at least 5 years. Mr. Coffee is also Mr. Reliable as you can see. He has gotten me through several sleepless nights with teething infants and exams to study for.

Mr. Coffee Occasions Coffee Maker

Mr Coffee Occasions Thermal Carafe

Mr. Coffee has a newly released coffee machine on the market. The Mr. Coffee Occasions Coffee Maker. The Mr. Coffee Occasions Coffe Maker is designed to make pots of coffee in its flashy stainless steel thermal carafe, individual cups of coffee with its Kcup feature, Espresso for those moments you need an extra boost of caffeine and a steaming frother to make specialty beverages.

The Mr. Coffee Occasions coffee maker comes with:

Mr Coffee Occasions Stock Photo

55 oz Water Reservoir with an easy lift handle
1, 10 cup thermal carafe
K Cup Compatible Single Serve attachment that allows you to brew 6, 8, 10, or 12 oz of Coffee
1, Espresso Attachment with the option to make 1 or 2 shots of Espresso
Steaming Frother for Milk (Dairy or non-dairy milk, it is compatible with either!)

Mr Coffee Occasions Water REservoir

On the right side of the machine towards the bottom, you will find the power button and towards the top, you will find the steam option for frother, stand by, and the brew option.

Mr Occasions Coffee Espresso Tools

I have found that this machine does have a learning curve when it comes to making Espresso beverages. Practice makes perfect. If you are new to Espresso making I highly suggest the videos below to gain an overall understanding on how to make a good espresso. The videos are a little lengthy but they cover all of the principals including frothing and even how to make those fancy designs your local coffee shop adds.

Overall the Mr. Coffee Occassions coffee maker is a great machine. It easily tackles any task needed of it. Mr. Coffee Occassions can easily brew whole Karafes and the single-cup feature using k-cups is a fantastic option when you do not want a whole pot of coffee. The espresso is a great bonus and not a lot of coffee machines on the market have all 3 coffee options available. For the price point, it is a fantastic machine and I will definitely be retiring my old faithful 4 cup coffee machine.

Mr Coffee Occasions Fluffy Espresso

My only issues with Mr. Coffee Occasions Coffee Machine include:

  • The fact that you need to buy the reusable k-cup filter separate if you plan to brew single cup coffee with regular ground coffee. Advertise as a K-Cup single brew option, not a single-servee coffee option. With the price point of the Mr. Coffee Occasions coffee maker, I do not think this component would be too much to ask. Easily enough, its $10 fix and you are well on your way.
  • The fact this machine is pretty much all plastic. For the price point, I expected a little more stainless steel. If you are looking for sophisticated aesthetics, this machine isn’t for you. But despite all the plastic, this is a very sturdy and well-built machine. It gets the job done and for that, I can’t hate on this machine at all.
  • There is no stop drip option for the K-Cup Attachment. Do Expect to drip coffee when taking the component to the trash or wherever you choose to dispose of the K-Cup. The k-cup also doesn’t remove as easily as other K-cup compatible machines.
Mr Occasions Coffee Maker ESpresso

For the price and the variety of beverages the Mr. Coffee Occasions Coffee maker can accomplish, I would easily give this machine a high recommendation. With a little practice, this is well worth the investment and think of all the money saved by making your own lattes and cappuccinos.

I also want to note that Target is set to begin selling the Mr. Coffee Occasions coffee maker. (I will update with a link once available) It does NOT come with a storage tray for all of the tools/attachments.

The Mr. Coffee Occasions sold on Amazon does come with the storage tray and can be found HERE.

What drinks will you be making with your Mr. Coffee Occasions Coffee maker?

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  1. NANCY says

    I just got a new one & it’s really nice to get an upgrade.

  2. Dana Rodriguez says

    That is a really nice Mr Coffee. Ours is about due to be replaced and I really like this one.

    • Misty says

      This one is really nice! Very convenient in the aspect that it does it all which means less clutter on my countertops.

  3. Sandy Klocinski says

    I have a Ninja Coffee Bar but this looks interesting. I might consider replacing mine with this.

  4. Steve Weber says

    I love all the settings! This would be a lovely gift for someone.

  5. Songita Basak says

    Mr. Coffee is a very beautiful coffee maker I have ever searched. It has unique look and design as well. It has got innovative technology that appeals to all needs and budgets. It could provide 4 cup at a time. So people who have budget could go for it.

  6. Mark C says

    I have the Oster version, but my My K-Cup reusable doesn’t fit. You mentioned a 10 dollar solution for reusable K Cups. Would love to know what fits!

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