La Bufadora, A Beautiful Piece of Ensenada

LA Bufadora, A Beautiful Piece of Ensenada


My husband and I love to travel. In May, for our anniversary, we decided to take a cruise to Ensenada. Ensenada is beautiful and has many things to offer but my favorite experience there was the trip to La Bufadora.

The Geyser


La Bufadora - Geyser

La Bufadora – Geyser


La Bufadora is a marine geyser or blow hole created by air trapped in a sea cave. It creates not only an impressive spout of water, but also a loud noise which repeats itself about every minute or so. There are a few blow holes in Northern America but La Bufadora is one of the largest. While the blow hole is supposed to be an amazing experience, we unfortunately did not get to see it at high-tide. That is the best time to view the geyser and when it creates the largest spouts of water. However, there is so much more to enjoy there that it was still a great time! I loved all that La Bufadora had to offer.


The Marketplace 





When you arrive, you pass through a marketplace with many restaurants and booths selling local items. Each time you pass by a new booth they will try to entice you in by offering a free shot of tequila if you stop to look at their items. This is a great place to get a lot of keepsake items that are not over-priced and are more authentic to the region.

Hand Painted Mexican Folk Art Figurines, La Bufadora

Hand Painted Mexican Folk Art Figurines, La Bufadora


Local Artists and Dancers


Dancer - Ensenada

Dancer – Ensenada


La Bufadora, like much of Mexico, is rich in culture. Along with the booths selling locally made items and food, there are also local artists and dancers providing entertainment and a taste of local traditions.


Habana Banana


Habana Banana

Habana Banana


My favorite aspect of going to La Bufadora was the stop we made at Habana Banana, a restaurant and bar where they offer tequila tasting. The tequila was wonderful and came in many different flavors, but was a bit pricey.

Coffee and Walnut Tequila

Coffee and Walnut Tequila, La Bufadora


Aside from the food and the tequila tasting, they also have a large cat refuge where you can play with adolescent large cats of all different ages.


African Lion Cub - Habana Banana

African Lion Cub – Habana Banana


This was an amazing experience. I was hesitant to play with the more mature cats as they were a little bit bigger and if you choose that option there are three cats with you in the enclosure. For me, that was a bit intimidating, so we chose to go with the cub experience.


Lion Cub, Habana Banana

Lion Cub, Habana Banana


This allowed us to spend about 20 minutes playing with an African Lion cub. Being an animal lover, this truly was a once in a lifetime experience.


The Cliffs at La Bufadora

The Cliffs at La Bufadora


Ensenada was an amazing and beautiful experience and La Bufadora was the highlight of that experience. I highly recommend anyone going to Ensenada, stop at La Bufadora to experience all it has to offer. It is one stop you will not regret making!


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