Get Ready to Rule with Disney’s Elena of Avalor

Get Ready to Rule with Disney’s Elena of Avalor

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Earlier this year, I remember reading about Disney’s newest princess, Elena of Avalor. I didn’t give it too much thought until I went to Disney World this past October. It was my niece and nephew’s first visit, and I quickly discovered my 3-yr old niece, who also considers herself to be a princess, was a huge Elena fan.

As soon as she heard the music from the show, she shouted, “Elena.†When we saw Elena performing with some of the other Disney Princesses we had to stop and watch. I was amazed as my little princess of a niece sang every word to the show’s theme song. When we went into the Disney Emporium on Main Street, what did Aunt Blythe have to buy her? You guessed it, the Elena of Avalor mini doll set.

So when I discovered there was an Elena of Avalor DVD coming out on December 6th, I jumped at the chance to review it. This amazing new DVD features four full-length Elena of Avalor adventures, as well as a free mini Elena Projection Scepter.

Elena of Avalor Ready to Rule DVD

  • First Day of Rule – After saving her kingdom from an evil sorceress, is Elena ready to be Avalor’s newest queen? See how the “Crown Princess†navigates her new role with the help of her family, friends, magical flying jaquins, and more.
  • Model Sister – Can Elena jungle the duties of being a Princess and a big sister to Isabel at the same time? Watch as she tries to help Isabel show off her newest invention while also making time to welcome the King Toshi of Satu as he visits Avalor.
  • All Heated Up – What’s a princess to do when she doesn’t agree with her Grand Council about how to handle a magical rock monster who could cause a volcano to erupt? See how Elena uses her courage and compassion to help her kingdom and the poor misunderstood rock monster.
  • Island of Youth – Can Elena and Royal Wizard Mateo save Esteban in time for his birthday surprise? Watch as Elena tries to get her cousin’s birthday back on track after he drinks too much water from the Fountain of Youth.

After binge watching this new DVD, along with a couple of episodes with my niece at Thanksgiving, I can absolutely see why Elena of Avalor is a hit. It’s fun, entertaining, and fast-paced. One of my favorite aspects of the show is the emphasis on girl empowerment, without being overly feminist. I’m all about girl power, but not simply for the sake of being about girl power. Elena of Avalor still has the magical fairytale aspect Disney is known for, but with a more modern day telling of what it’s like to be a real princess.

Elena of Avalor doesn’t hit you over the head with girls can do it too. Instead, it showcases Elena as a powerhouse girl who has confidence, strength, and compassion, who also isn’t afraid to ask for help. She knows the best way to rule her kingdom is by also incorporating the talents and experience of her family and friends, some of which just happen to be magical.

In addition to the message of female empowerment, the show is also filled interesting, fully-formed characters and catchy musical numbers, which is precisely why my niece loves it. In her words, “I like Elena because of the music and how she spends time with her family.†I couldn’t agree more.

Disney Elena of Avalor and Scepter

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  1. I don’t recall this movie. But it sounds like something my niece would love watching!

  2. This sounds like a great movie for kids!

  3. I have not heard of this movie, but it looks cute. I love Disney movies.

  4. bethelderton says

    I think my grand-daughter has this one! We all love Disney movies,
    Mary Beth Elderton

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