Fueling Up With The Best Coffee To Support Our Veterans

Fueling Up With The Best Coffee To Support Our Veterans - Black Rifle Coffee Company

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I firmly believe that every person should have a motivating reward to help them get through the week. For me, that’s a favorite blend of coffee. I don’t skimp when it comes to picking out a blend, I search for the good stuff.

As a teacher, it’s impossible for me to get through a morning without a good cup of coffee. But, I’ve learned that when it’s a really good blend, it makes mornings so much easier.

Black Rifle Coffee Company

A Caffeinated Mom and Teacher = A Good Day!

Good coffee is also important on the weekends. Sleeping in a little late, reading the paper in my pajamas, and savoring a fresh cup of brew. That’s the way to get your weekend off to a good start.

My husband is also a coffee lover, and finding a brand we both like can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately, we discovered Black Rifle Coffee Company. This is some of the smoothest, most robust coffee – absolutely delicious! Each blend is roasted with care; you can easily taste the difference between the stuff you’d buy in a tin at the grocery store and these blends.

Black Rifle Coffee Company Warrior's Heart Blend and Canadian as Fck, Eh Blend

As the daughter of a veteran, I’m all about this veteran owned and operated coffee company! I believe it’s important that we support our military veterans and their businesses whenever we can.

Warrior’s Heart Blend is a favorite in my house! This is a full-bodied, medium roast that is perfect for daily “warriors” that need to get up and start the day. A portion of all profits from this blend go to the Warriors Heart Foundation!

CAF Coffee Blend is what my husband refers to as the “serious” coffee. If he’s got big work to do, at work or home, he likes to “suit up” with a pot of this blend. This earthy, Canadian medium roast contains 40% more caffeine than the average roast.

Black Rifle Coffee Company


Black Rifle Coffee Company donates a generous portion of their proceeds to Veterans, Gun rights, and LEO organizations.  I have found the blends to be unique and very satisfying. It’s a treat my husband and I look forward to every morning. It also got the stamp of approval from my Marine veteran father who tried a cup of Warrior’s Heart Blend, smiled, and said, “that’s real good stuff.”  OORAH!


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  1. Drinking coffee while supporting a nice cause

  2. Will give it a try

  3. Stephanie Z says

    I’m not a big coffee drinker, but I have heard about Black Rifle Coffee Company before. I need to mention it to my husband, who does drink coffee alot. I like that they donate some of their proceeds to Veterans.

  4. I keep hearing bout Black Rife coffee but haven’t tried it. I love coffee and supporting good causes.

  5. It is great that a portion of profits go to help veterans.

  6. I am a huge coffee drinker!! I have never heard ofBlack Rifle Coffee but will most definitely be checking them out.

  7. Jennifer Keating says

    Love that this coffee supports this cause!!

  8. Bobbiejo m Patten says

    Wonderful Idea

  9. This is a great thing. More people need to support our veterans.

  10. great way to support veterans

  11. Lindsay A. says

    I think coffee is always a great gift idea, & this sounds like a great company!

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