Easter Goodies From My Moms

Easter Goodies From My Moms

Easter is already upon us… eek! Where did the time go?! I love to pretty up my house for all the different holidays, but I’m kinda lazy about it. You will never find me scouring the stores in search of holiday decor. If I happen upon something cute at a great price, I will snag it, but it’s always an off-the-cuff kind of purchase rather than a planned one.

Fortunately, my mother-in-law is practically INSANE for all things holiday. Therefore, I can always count on her for some little holiday themed items when holidays roll around.

Her current obsession is to buy cute towels and then pretty them up by sewing holiday patterned materials to them. Those snazzy towels in the upper-right photo above are the ones she has gifted me this year.

Easter Goodies From My Moms

The towel on the left is a really plush, soft towel like you’d use in a bathroom, so that’s where this one will be displayed. The towel on the right is for use in a kitchen. I just love those super cute and colorful little chicks and daisies!

Easter Goodies From My Moms

If you have a Target near you, head there now. My Mom, sister & I were there shopping the other day and found some cute Easter towel sets in the Dollar Spot at the front entrance. They had a yellow set, too, but I fell in love with the pink/white/grey set here so Mom bought a set for all the girls in the family. I love them!

Need I even say that I love Target? I adore their dollar spot and often find really neat items there for different occasions like Easter baskets, stocking stuffers, unique gifts and gift wrapping accessories.

Easter Goodies From My Moms

Check out that cute little BUNNY BUTT!!!!

I love these because they are simple in design and the colors really make each other pop.

Does your mom or mother-in-law buy you little holiday gifts like your favorite seasonal candies or fun home decor items, or do you buy your own stuff? What have they (or yourself) bought you this year?


Disclaimer: I was not provided with free products to facilitate this post, all items shown were gifts from family. Neither was I compensated by any company for writing this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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