Don’t Forget Santa’s Milk and Cookies This Christmas

Don't Forget Santa's Milk and Cookies This Christmas

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For as long as I can remember, leaving out milk and cookies for Santa has been the tradition my family has followed. Of course, we leave our Rudolph and his pals carrots as well because who would deliver Santa’s gifts from the North Pole without them?

I have to admit that baking homemade cookies just isn’t my thing. I have tried time and time again to bake them but they NEVER come out like the magazines. Burnt, too hard, undercooked, the wrong shape and about every other worst case scenario is the luck I have when it comes to baking cookies. Now they don’t have to. With Giorgio Cookie Company, I can order my picture perfect cookies ahead of time and avoid the hassle entirely. Santa doesn’t want burnt cookies after all.

Giorgio Cookie Company Happy Holidays Cookie Jar

Giorgio Cookie Company specializes in and an array of Biscottis and Cookies to accommodate just about any taste and each season too. YUM right?

I was given the Happy Holidays Cookie Jar which is a beautiful glass jar filled with Giorgio Cookie Company’s, White Chocolate Raspberry Cookies and their signature Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies.

If you love Nutella, the Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies are a must for you! The Chocolate Hazelnut cookies are an Italian hazelnut cookie that is filled as well as dipped in dark Belgian chocolate. I think Santa will like those too. ?

The white Raspberry cookie is an almond based cookie that is layered with European Raspberry filling and then covered in White Belgian Chocolate, drizzled with Belgian Dark Chocolate and then dusted with powdered sugar. Absolutely heavenly.

Giorgio Cookie Company cookies are freshly made, and never frozen which makes their taste phenomenal. I enjoy the White Chocolate Raspberry cookies with a hot cup of coffee and I really like that the White Raspberry cookies aren’t too sweet.  They also don’t taste fake like other cookies you will find on store shelves this holiday season. An extra bonus is the cookie jar is great quality and can be used all year for Giorgio Cookie Company’s sweet treats or for other things you would like to store.

Giorgio Cookie Company Gourmet Cookies

Each Season Giorgio Cookie Company releases treats to accommodate the flavor needs at that point in time. For example, if you check out Giorgio Cookie Company’s website right now, you will see they have Thanksgiving Biscotti’s which are White Chocolate Pumpkin Walnut flavored. Delish! Now I bet that would taste great with some coffee. Maybe Santa needs coffee this year and a Biscotti so he can keep up with all the elves?

Make sure you check out all that Giorgio Cookie Company has to offer for your holiday gift needs. I know I will be submitting an order this week for more Cookies!

Speaking of Santa. Check out this neat plate I found in the Target Bullseye’s Playground section (aka the dollar spot). It was actually only $1 but I cannot wait to see what else gets released for the Santa’s Cookies and Milk theme! For only being the beginning of November, I thought this would make for a great bargain AND I can put it away for later in case I miss out on an even better Santa plate.

Target Santa's Cookie Plate

What are your favorite Holiday traditions?

Any tried and true recipes for cookies that you can recommend?

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