Cute And Cozy Boots Do Exist

Cute And Cozy Boots Do Exist
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I only started wearing boots a few years ago. I never thought to wear boots as an adult because I was focused on being comfortable and simple. A few years ago, I decided to take advantage of the Black Friday sales, I bought my first pair of boots! I kept it simple and bought black boots! Since then, I have acquired different styles and colors of boots!

A few months ago, I even bought color boots from my favorite brand. I saw them on QVC and they looked so comfortable and perfect to wear in the cold weather. They are super cute and very cozy on my feet.

I wanted to introduce you to a pair of boots from Hotter Shoes called Whisper Boots!

Whisper Boots in Deep Teal

I chose the Whisper Boots in Deep Teal because I wanted to add color to my wardrobe. I like to choose colors I rarely wear! I originally wanted them in Plum but they were made of suede and at the time, I had no idea there was such a product as “suede protector” spray.

I ended up having to buy suede protector for my other pairs of boots I purchased a few months ago. Now I wish I chose the Plum boots!

The Deep Teal color is very pretty! The boots go great with my wardrobe, which usually consists of jeans and leggings!

Inside Whisper Boots

I love my boots. They are true to size and so comfortable. They offer extra room if you choose to wear thicker socks. I love the zippers on the sides, which allow you to slip on your feet and tuck your pants in if you choose. The boots are also lined with cozy faux fur!

There are moments when I miss working outside of the home. The Whisper Boots are perfect for work! The boots fit perfectly in my life as a work at home mom! I wear them out and about to run errands, shopping or walking around our community.

Whisper Boots from above

I also love the Whisper Boots because they are flat boots. I cannot see myself wearing high heels or boots with heels! I want comfort and ease!

You can easily pair the Whisper Boots with the Slimming Jeans in Black Denim from SlimSation! Black jeans help me look slimmer! While they are too long for me (I wear Petite size) they are chic and perfect for any occasion. I can easily tuck them in the Whisper Boots and you can’t even tell the length is too long on me.

 Slimming Jeans in Black Denim

If you are looking for a cute and cozy pair of boots, the Whisper Boots are adorable! Pair them with black denim jeans, beautiful sweater and your favorite accessories!

If you are looking for a cute and cozy pair of boots, the Whisper Boots are adorable!

You can find Hotter Shoes on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You can find SlimSation on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. This pair of boots is awesome! Love it! I normally wear thick socks and this is a huge problem when I’m searching for boots. It seems that this Christmas I should change the strategy, moreover that Santa Claus will have another sock to fill up :)))

  2. Hannah C says

    Those are such cute boots. I love the style and they look very comfortable.

  3. I love the side zippers on the boots…looks like that makes it easier to get on and off. the color is pretty and so unique!

  4. bethelderton says

    I love these boots! They look so warm, yet very comfortable with those soles.
    Mary Beth Elderton

  5. I am in love with these boots, they look so comfy, not to mention cute!

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