Cinnamon Apple Chips Are Is A Must Try Fall Recipe

Cinnamon Apples Chips Are A Must Try Fall Recipe

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It is finally the season where apple picking is in full swing. Hayrides, petting zoos, apple cider, apple picking, and pumpkin picking make for a spectacular afternoon out with the family. However, if you are anything like me, when its all said and done I am left wondering what am I supposed to do with all these apples? What recipe can I find to meet the taste buds of my family so they will demolish all of these apples before they rot?

Don’t get me wrong, my kids LOVE apples but not to the extent to match the number of apples we picked on our weekend trip to the Apple Orchard. There is only so much applesauce I can make. So I did what anyone else does, and started googling away.

The biggest problem I found was that it seemed like there was only one component I liked from recipes which left me to continue on my search. I gave my Grandmother a call and she gave me the perfect idea of what to do with the apples. I do not take full credit for this recipe as there are so many variations on the internet, cookbooks, etc. I am just sharing the recipe that I have gone by and worked best for my needs.

Masterchef Electric Dehydrator

My Masterchef Food Dehydrator was a key component in making these perfect Cinnamon Apple Chips. Masterchef Food Dehydrator comes with 5 trays to place foods on, in my case, apples. The Masterchef Food Dehydrator also has an LCD digital temperature settings and a digital timer built in. I really love how evenly my Masterchef Food Dehydrator dehydrates the foods placed on the trays as well as the fact that you can easily reduce the number of trays you are using if you only want to dehydrate a couple things at a time instead of a large batch.

Apple Cinnamon Chips

  • 4-5 Apples of your choosing.
  • (Do some research on different apple’s sweetness to determine what will work best to suit your tastes).
  • 1 Tbsp. of Ground Cinnamon
  • 1 Tbsp of Granulated Sugar

Step 1: Rinse your apples off with water to remove any dirt, insect, etc.

Step 2: Peel the apples and core them.

Step 3: Slice your apples into very thin slices. The thinner they are, the easier they are to dehydrate and cook thoroughly. It also means less time in the dehydrator.

At this point you can rinse your apple slices in a mix of lemon water if you choose to do so – it keeps the apples from browning during the process of dehydrating but it is solely up to you. I like to give my apple slices a good rinse at this stage either way.

Step 4: Pat Dry Apples with a paper towel or cloth. You want them to still be a little moist but not soaking wet or it makes a mess with the cinnamon/sugar giving a candied effect when dehydrated and less of a chip outcome.

Step 5: Place your Apple Slices in a bowl or a large, mix in the 1 tbsp of cinnamon and the 1 tbsp of sugar. You can save the sugar for after the apples are dehydrated as well though. I have tried it both ways and it works. If you do it last, it leaves a little crunch from the sugar which I like but my Husband does not. You can also add more or less cinnamon to suit your tastes.

Step 6: Lay your apple slices evenly on your dehydrator tray, careful not to overcrowd as it may cause the apples to cook unevenly.

Step 7: Set your Dehydrator Temperature according to your machines guidelines. My Masterchef Food Dehydrator dehydrates apples best at 175 Degrees for 6-8 hours BUT my mother’s dehydrator manual says to set the temperature for 135 degrees for 6 hours.

Once you have “cooked” your apples for several hours you can begin testing them for doneness. I like mine on the crunchier side so I keep them in the dehydrator for 8 hours but my kids love theirs to be chewy which is usually around the 6-hour mark.

Allow your apple chips to cool or sprinkle them with granulated sugar and ENJOY!

If you’re interested in the Masterchef Electric Dehydrator is available for purchase through Amazon. 

What are your favorite Fall Apple Recipes?

Do you have any Dehydrator Recipes I should give a try?

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