Brand Your Blog For Big Success

The Golden Arches. You recognize them almost immediately don’t you? Pretty much everyone recognizes that iconic symbol and knows precisely what it is and who it represents. That is what you should be aiming for with your blog.

Focus on branding yourself.

Brand Your Blog For Big Success

Brand Your Blog

Branding your blog will make it recognizable in an instant to your audience, and will hopefully encourage them to see you as the niche expert and the best choice over your fellow bloggers.  It will also help to make you appear more credible and informative, connect you with your audience seamlessly and emotionally make readers want to really buy into you and your brand, and invest in you and your content, and carry and share your message. Great branding and brand compliance is a reflection of who you are as both a blogger and a business, and what resonates with your ideal reader and blog visitor.

Where do you start?

The very first thing that you need to do is identify your audience. Without a specific audience in mind, there is almost no hope of getting your branding right. You need to know exactly who they are, what they want, and what will send them away from your blog. Once you have got that in mind, you need to decide on the message that you want to put across to your audience.

The next steps

Your blog name: Does your blog name reflect who you are and what you are about? It is entirely possible to change your blog name in the future if you grow out of it, or change the direction, but it can be expensive in terms of losing your domain authority (DA) and building up rankings.

Your blog address: Have your blog URL as close to your blog name as possible, and if possible, buy all the domains linked to it (.com,, .net, etc.). As above, it is possible to change in the future but can be a complicated process.

Hosting: Choose a reliable hosting company, such as SiteGround. They offer excellent customer service. Lightning fast response. I am very impressed with their service.

Web Hosting

Before you pay out for an expensive graphic designer to create your logo, or before you sit and spend hours messing about on software such as Canva or Photoshop, have a think about the color scheme you want for your blog. Use those colors in your logo, to tie everything together and allow people to associate it with your site in an instant.


Having a tagline immediately gives a context to your blog and an idea of who you are as a person.


This is the big image that you see when you look at the top of your blog. Keep it simple and clutter free, and try to use it across all of your social media pages to keep it consistent for your brand, maintaining that all-important brand compliance.

Blog theme:

Whatever platform you use for your blog, whether WordPress, Blogger or Wix, there will be hundreds of different themes for you to choose from. If you’re clever with coding and website design, you can build your own theme to your exact specifications. There may be others using the same theme as you, however, you can easily edit and make changes to fit your style. Personalize your blog. Make it your own, choose your own fonts and colors.

Check how cluttered your theme is – if it has lots of features and interactive things going on, it might look good but be very slow to navigate for your readers. This can also affect how highly Google ranks your blog. Lots of white space is preferable to most people visiting a blog as it allows them to focus on the content.

You also need to make sure that your theme is mobile compatible, as a high percentage of your readers will be visiting your blog from a mobile device.

Your voice:

This is the most critical part of the branding process. Your voice needs to be unique. Sometimes it takes a while to develop your voice and refine it, but once you’ve found your groove, stick to it.

Your voice needs to reflect who you are as a person and resonate with your readers. If it doesn’t, they’ll soon click away. Think about the language you are going to use – is it informal, fun and friendly, or do you want to convey a more serious and professional message?

Whichever style you choose, be consistent, and carry it through to your social media posts as well.

Creating a brand for your blog involves many different things. By planning it and getting it right from the very start, people will soon recognize your blog and the message you are attempting to put across.

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