Your Ears Will Thank You

Your Ears Will Thank You
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Are you looking for so great fashion accessories that will look great with every outfit? I’m talking about earrings. They may be tiny but they can sure bring a whole outfit together. I’ve found a couple of great products that you are going to love. Your ears will thank you for sure!

Your Ears Will Thank You!

Style Coop

I have the hardest time finding earrings that work for me. Usually, within an hour of putting them in, I can tell you if I will be able to wear them or not. My ears will usually become so sore that I have to take the earrings out, and clean them with alcohol to get them to heal, so earring shopping is really hard. I have finally found a great company that I can wear with no problem at all, no sore or red ears and most of all no pain! This company is called Style Coop. Style Coop supports Eco-friendly, women-owned and made in the USA products. The Shop was founded in 2019 and is owned by the amazing Monica.

Rose Gold Bar

When I received my beautiful Fair Trade 18k Rose Gold Bar Studs I was so excited to try them. I have recently fallen in love with anything that’s rose gold. I think it just looks so elegant. You can pair these beautiful bar studs with any outfit and they can be dressed up or down. They are seriously some of the prettiest earrings I’ve seen. These would be a perfect gift for any lady in your life. To find the perfect set of beautiful earrings for you be sure to visit their Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

Now, what is the only bad thing about earrings of any kind? For me, it’s the fact that I can’t keep up with the backs to save my life. I’m constantly losing them. Chrysmela catch is a game-changer when it comes to earring backs. This inventive earring back are patented with a lock and unlock feature that is made to fit all sizes of earring backs. Invented in 2008 these backs come in platinum, 24K Yellow and Rose Gold. They are setting the fashion world on track. Be sure to visit their website to find out more and get your own.

Chrysmela Catch

To me, earrings can be such a staple item to your everyday look. They can dress you up or down, depending on the need. Be sure to check out these amazing products, your ears will thank you if you do. If you are interested in more ear wear check out these awesome 3D Printed Earrings I’ve previously reviewed.

What is your favorite style earring?


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