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Write To Me - Recipes Passed Down
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Ever find yourself in a rut wishing you had Aunt Suzie’s spectacular zucchini recipe? Maybe Great-Grandma Karen’s classic Chocolate Cake recipe? Yeah, I feel you. I have been there too many times to count. Even if I ask for the recipe, I don’t have anywhere to store it so that I don’t lose it. So into the cabinet, it goes stuck in a random book where I hope to find it next time I need it. I recently came across a new type of recipe book though and it is a huge game changer when it comes to storing family recipes. Potentially a new family heirloom? An heirloom of recipes but an heirloom no less.

Write To ME Recipes Passed Down Wine Cover

Every family has a list of classic recipes that one family member or another has fixed to perfection. Even with endless googling – there isn’t a single recipe EXACTLY like this family members. Write to Me has made a recipe book that is specifically for your family or friends to compile their recipes in so that all of your recipes stay in one place.

Write to Me – Recipes Passed Down

Write To Me Recipes Passed Down Both Cover colors

Recipe’s Passed Down has 96 full-size pages with the availability of 94 recipes to be written and stored. The Recipe’s Passed Down book also has a table of contents page so you don’t have to waste time searching through the entire book just to find that special pot roast your mother makes. Recipe’s Passed Down has a linen hardcover which gives it a prestigious feel as well as an antiqued look. Perfect family heirloom vibe. I absolutely love it!

The quality is durable which is phenomenal because I know that as the years pass, my Recipe’s Passed Down book is going to last.

Recipe’s Passed Down comes in the colors Wine and Grey.

Write To Me Recipes Passed Down Recipe Page

I just sent out one of my Recipe’s Passed Down up North to my grandparents and my other copy down South to my Mother In Law. I cannot wait to see all of the recipes that they fill my books with!

Who will you be asking to fill your Recipe’s Passed Down books? Any particular recipes?

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