Why I’m tempted to make more babies

Why I'm tempted to make more babies

I love babies. I love being a mom.

I also love houseplants. I love propagating plant cuttings to make new babies. I also have a bit of an obsession with african violets.

African violets are easy to propogate as it only takes a leaf to make babies. I am always so tempted to take a few leaves and plant them in soil in hopes of multiplying them. I may attempt to propogate a leaf or two from each of my plants as a backup to the mother plant.

This past winter was pretty horrid on my african violets. I had to cover them to help keep them warm and insulated overnight. I use plastic containers to house them in so that I can water them from the bottom. I was able to use cheap hotel shower caps as a cover for over several plants at a time.

african violet minis beautybrite

I almost lost a few of my miniature plants. Thankfully, they are slowly recovering. However, I can tell the cold winter really affected my plants overall because they are not blooming or growing stems as they should be. I did cut back on fertilizing, so that could be it too.

african violet minis beautybrite

Not only am I limited on space as an apartment dweller, we are also planning on moving back to the west coast in a few years. Every time we have moved, I have had to throw my plant collection away and start over.

I hate moving. However, I cannot wait until we move back home. I miss my family.

This time around, I hope to take some of my plants with us. I am torn. Should I propogate for more babies?

I could always start over with my plants too. Perhaps I should just enjoy my plants as much as possible and propogate as much as I can until the time comes for us to move?

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