Weight Loss and Perfect Portions with Bentology

Weight Loss and Perfect Portions with Bentology

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It seems like every year I fall into the same rut of making a New Year’s resolution for weight control with unattainable expectations. It’s easier said than done to promise myself I will devote countless hours to working out and participating in strict diets. This year, I knew it was time to start the year off with a far more sensible approach than I’d taken in the past. Bentology’s Portion Perfect plan opened my eyes to a healthier, more balanced approach to the grueling diets I’ve tried in the past.

Here’s the approach:

– 30 minutes of moderate fitness daily

– Using Bentology’s guidelines and containers to measure the healthy food you enjoy!

I was thrilled to learn that my days of counting calories were gone. With Bentology’s dietary guidelines, I was able to design the meals that tasted best to me! No more diet books dictating what I was going to eat every day. No more point charts and calculators. I got to decide!

Weight Loss and Perfect Portions with Bentology

My Bento Box: Kale Salad, Quorn Nuggets, Quinoa, and Mixed Nuts

My Portion Perfect set came with a Portion Perfect Complete Weight-Loss Plan booklet that explained everything about Bentology’s weight-loss plan in a comprehensible way.  It also contained different dietary guidelines based on individualized caloric needs. In addition, a transparent outer container provided 5 inner containers for my portioned amounts of whole grains, lean proteins, vegetables, and fruit.

Bentology containers and sets are easy to clean, durable, and take the guess work out of creating balanced, perfectly portioned meals! They are also free of lead, PVC, bisphenol-A, and phthalates. I was also pleased to learn they are made in the United States.

With my first try, I fell in love with Bentology products. I even bought a Bentology set for my husband, who works grueling hours as part of a hospital nursing team. He’s always on his feet, moving constantly, and performing difficult physical tasks. His daily lunch of soup and pretzels wasn’t cutting it. When I introduced the Bento Box into his lunch time equation, he noticed an immediate change in his energy levels at work.

Weight Loss and Perfect Portions with Bentology

Husband’s Bento Box: Turkey Sandwich on Whole Grain Bread, Kale Salad, Apple, Hummus and Carrots.

Are you ready to try a fresh, convenient approach to eating healthy? Purchase Bentology’s Portion Perfect Weight Loss Kit and other great Bentology products at Bentology’s Website, Amazon, Fenigo, and Zulily.

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