We Tried 3INA And We’re Stoked

I recently had the opportunity to review a few products from the brand 3INA, and I was shocked – talking Taylor Swift shock face shocked – when the package arrived.

Products from 3INA in the original packaging
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3INA Review: Skincare Products

There were four skincare products: the matte & smooth primer, and three oil drops (defence, detox, and energy). 

The three available 3INA oil drops

The Oil Drops: I don’t typically use oil drops because I never really notice any difference in my skin. And I say this about every oil that I have used. If you’re looking for skin oil and they do work for you, I highly recommend researching these three products. They’re great skincare products that will work for a lot of people.

Primer: Even though I have combination/oily skin in the summer, I’ve never been one to use matte primers. I still do like a little glow to my skin, even during the summer. However, this is a great primer that does the job. While it does what it says, I don’t feel like it’s making my skin look dull and dry. That’s something that I do experience with matte primers. The primer has a light and clear consistency, and it paired well with my tinted moisturizers and skin tints.

The 3INA Face Primer
Primer coming out of the Face Primer tube

3INA Review: Makeup

I was sent a generous amount of makeup items to try, and I’m so grateful to test everything out. 

Face products: There were three of The Stick Highlighter in the shades 400, 401, and 402. 400 is a beautiful champagne color that will look incredible on light to medium skin tones. It’s the only highlighter that I wore all summer. 401 is for darker skin tones but works as a cream shadow. 402 is a light pink shade. The highlighters are creamy and easy to apply.

The Stick Highlighters from 3INA
400 Highlighter up close
401 Highlighter up close
402 Highlighter up close

Eye products: The first eye product is The Eye Gloss in 503. The color is stunning and should be available in a powder shadow and lip gloss. Eye glosses are for editorial and Instagram photos. My eyelids are crazy oily, so this didn’t last long on my eyes.

The 3INA eye gloss

The 24 Hour Pen Eyeliner has replaced my Kat Von D liner as my favorite! While the tip is long, it’s still easy to use. Beginners will be able to use this liner with ease. It’s highly is pigmented, doesn’t bleed, and stays put! I need to stock up on these!

The 24H Pen Eyeliner in black

The Colour Mascara is excellent! Most of the time, I use a black-brown mascara for everyday use. But, once in a while, I love wearing a color mascara. They sent me the shade 103, which is a gorgeous purple. I have brown eyes, so I always gravitate towards purple mascaras. In terms of curling and length, it’s nothing out of the ordinary, but it’s the best color mascara I’ve used because you can see the purple. If you want to try a color mascara, check out theirs!

The Colour Mascara in purple
up close image of The Colour Mascara wand

Lastly, for eyes, are four of The Cream Eyeshadow in 303 (turquoise), 304 (sky blue), 307 (purple), and 313 (beige). I’ve only recently decided to jump into the world of cream shadows because of my oily eyelids. They are so creamy and pigmented! I’ve even used 304 and 307 as an eyeliner, and it worked pretty well. 313 is my favorite, a gorgeous bronze that would be the perfect color if you’ve never used cream eye shadows before. These shadows do not budge!

Cream eyeshadows in 304 and 307
Cream eyeshadows in 303 and 313

Lip products: I got to test out three of The Essential Lipstick and two of The Lipstick Intense. The Lipstick is a creamy lipstick, and the latter is a highly pigmented lipstick. The Lipstick shades sent are 105 (darker peach), 111 (dark plum), and 112 (bright pinky peach). Between the three, I only see myself wearing 105. The lipstick applies smoothly and lasts as long as a typical lipstick. I’m enjoying the formula of these.

The Essential Lipsticks from 3INA

As far as The Intense Lipstick, we have the shade 301 (dark pinky nude), and 310 (bright pink). The shade 301 is probably going to be my go-to for the fall. Again, it’s a great formula and my favorite between the two.

The Lipsticks Intense from 3INA

Overall Thoughts

3INA is an exceptional and affordable makeup brand! My standouts are the eyeliner, cream eyeshadow, the mascara, the primer, the highlight stick, and the intense lipstick in 301. I can’t wait to try out more products from the brand – I’ve already started my wishlist!

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