We Had A Busy Weekend

We Had A Busy Weekend

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Last month taxes were due. In all, we had to pay the equivalent of two months of rent to taxes! Yes, that is a lot of money to us! Two extra months worth of rent in one month, plus all of our other expenses. After paying so much to Uncle Sam, I feel like we are still trying to recover from spending so much in one month.

This month, I am really trying to be frugal! But alas, that did not last long this past weekend. But I do have to preface and say that I usually buy new clothes every few months. Our son will eventually need summer clothes too.

About a week ago, I bought Skechers GOWalk shoes from QVC. I already have two other pairs of Skechers shoes I bought because I saw them on QVC. They are the Skechers Sneakers Zen and so cute and comfortable! I have them in Grey and Navy! I am glad I bought two pairs because I can wear either color, depending on my outfit.

I’ve wanted a pair of Skechers GOWalk shoes for awhile now but they are always so expensive.  I love shopping on QVC because they tend to offer better sales and deals with brands.  Based on the customer reviews of the Skechers GOWalk Dazzle, I was hesitant but I did have to size down half a size and I am glad I did. While they fit a bit odd, I love them! They are chic but I would not buy another pair. It is too bad because they have really cute colors! I bought them in Black Leopard.

Just this weekend I ended up spending much more than I wanted to. I am trying to build my summer wardrobe because as it stands now, all I have are denim capri pants. Our summer weather is hot and humid, so I want a little variety and color in my clothes! I went overboard and bought two maxi skirts, one knee length skirt and a pair of leggings! All three skirts can create different looks! The leggings can be transformed into capri length if needed.

Lastly, I upgraded our Costco membership to Executive level. I have read reviews from other customers and they all say it is worth it.

Since we have spent so much money, I am trying my best to save and improve my earnings with my blogs!

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