Wall Art to Spruce Up Your Home Decor

Wall Art to Spruce Up Your Home Decor
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With winter coming to an end, I find myself craving an uplift for the decor in my home. I also know that my actual motivation to do a whole home makeover doesn’t match my desire to change things around. I found an easy solution though for changing my home decor needs without using a lot of effort. Wall Art. A few simple clicks and I’ve got wall art delivered to my door AND zero needs to change the paint as well as everything else in the room.

Wall Art is all it takes to make a quick room change? Yes! I mean there are other ways you can update the room of your choice as well but for a quick fix, Wall Art is an easy solution. With the world of media constantly changing, finding wall art for any space is easy! Whether you choose a look-alike print out of a famous painting placed now on a canvas or an actual Artist’s work, the possibilities are endless.

Ken Elliot - Soft Blue Progression
Credit: Ken Elliot

Ken Elliot

One of my favorite pieces right now is Ken Elliots’ piece, “Soft Blue Progression“. I love “Soft Blue Progression” because of the soft tones, it is so relaxing. It isn’t a piece that will overwhelm a room or leave you wondering what the artist is depicting. It is serene, comforting, calm, and the perfect addition to an office, or even relaxing living space. The packaging for this piece was superb. The artwork also arrived quickly which is a huge plus for me! I hate losing momentum on redecorating before my items arrive.

Ken Elliot - Marsh in Greens and Golds
Credit: Ken Elliot

Ken Elliot has quite a few pieces of work and most of them focus on outdoor scenery. Focus on Outdoor life while still encompassing a calm and serene outlook is rare. Even if the image above, isn’t what you are looking for, I encourage you to give Ken Elliot’s other work a peak! His work is well worth the money and just what I needed for one of the rooms in my home.

Nancy Rynes - Gemini
Credit: Nancy Rynes

Nancy Rynes

Another excellent piece of work which comes with a beautiful idea behind it is from Nancy Rynes and it is called “Gemini“. This is an oil to canvas art and it comes with a great meaning behind the artwork.

Two little paint horses from the South Steens in Oregon, USA, in perfect sync. The title comes from the constellation Gemini, the Twins, which you can see in the painting if you look carefully. These two foals are actually “almost-twins.” (They have different mothers but the same father). Their names are Bandero (left) and Mariposa (right).

Credit: Nancy Rynes

Many do not know, but I am actually a twin myself. I have a twin brother and while we may not be as close as we were as children, he will forever be a major person in my life. The fact that Nancy Rynes took the time to make such a meaningful piece truly warms my heart and makes the piece that much more invaluable to me.

If you are looking for other pieces of work with wildlife in mind, I encourage you to give Nancy Rynes some consideration! Her work isn’t something you typically find when it comes to artists which are probably why she has become one of my favorites.

Some of my other favorite places to obtain wall art while on a budget include TJ Maxx, Overstock, Amazon, and other retailers in my area.

Where is your favorite place to find wall art for a quick change in decor?

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