Upgrade To A Smart And Efficient Dishwasher

When my son and I moved into our new home, my realtor suggested I have the locks changed. Fast forward 8 months and we finally got the locks changed. We chose an electronic lock with a keypad entry option! I am so excited about it because my son can open the door on his own just by entering his code. Our door lock also automatically locks after 30 seconds. If you’re looking to upgrade and be more efficient, we share some of our tips! Are you ready to upgrade to a smart and efficient dishwasher? 

Upgrade To A Smart And Efficient Dishwasher

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I’m a single mom on a fixed income. With that, I want to be as efficient and energy saving as possible. Our utility companies have high rates at certain times during the week. I time my major appliance use around those times. For instance, I wash my dishes late at night or early in the morning. As for laundry, I tend to do my laundry in the morning and early afternoon. 

Fresh Air

There are several upgrades I want to make over the next few years. The next upgrade I’d like to make is switching to a smart thermostat! I’ve been trying to be frugal about my energy use. If the weather is nice out, I leave my windows open instead of using my air conditioner. 

Natural Light

I really don’t have any lamps in my home. Instead, I rely on natural light during the day. The only lighting I have is in the bathrooms, kitchen, and dining area. Otherwise, I rely on natural light as much as possible. 


Another upgrade I hope to make is a more efficient washer and dryer! For now, I wash our clothes in cold water and dry on low heat. Until I can upgrade my washer and dryer, I wash during the day and when I have full loads of laundry. 

Washing Dishes 

My dishwasher also needs to be upgraded!  For now, I run the dishwasher when it’s full and usually late at night or early in the morning. Instead of using the drying cycle, I open the door and let the dishes air dry!  

I recently discovered the Bosch AutoAir™ Bosch 500 Series dishwasher and amazed that a dishwasher could do so much! 

Bosch AutoAir™ Bosch 500 Series dishwasher

Bosch AutoAir™ Bosch 500 Series dishwasher

The Bosch 500 Series dishwasher delivers a sparkling clean and dry with advanced PrecisionWash technology and AutoAir.

What is Precision Wash

With PrecisionWash, intelligent sensors continually scan and check the progress of dishes throughout the cycle, and powerful spray arms target every item of every load, for the ultimate clean. 

What does AutoAir do? 

AutoAir™ automatically opens the door at the end of the drying cycle to let moisture escape and fresh air circulate for better drying results.* Must include disclaimer: *Compared to Bosch Dishwashers with PureDry.

My favorite feature: 

Every Bosch dishwasher is ENERGY STAR qualified and meets or exceeds federal guidelines, for year-round energy savings.

Perfect for all households

Quiet operation (44 dBA)- incorporates 18 unique sound-reducing technologies such as multiple insulation layers, grindless food filtration, and a sound absorbing base.

Large interior provides loading flexibility necessary to easily accommodate 16 place settings, and the Flexible 3rd rack adds space for cooking utensils and ramekins.  Plus, 5 wash cycles including five-level wash, 5 options like Extra Dry, and a concealed heating element.

Clean Dishes

Sanitize Option reduces 99.9% of bacteria with a hot-wash rinse for sparkling clean and sanitized dishes.

Be sure you check out Best Buy for the Bosch AutoAir™ Bosch 500 Series dishwasher

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  1. Maureen says

    Your last sentence — Sanitize Option reduces 99.9% of bacteria with a hot-wash rinse for sparkling clean and sanitized dishes.— is the one that means a lot to me. I worry about hand washing as I want to make sure that there is no bacteria on our dishes.

  2. NANCY says

    I finally have a new dishwasher. You don’t realize how much a new one makes a big difference.

  3. Calvin says

    Very useful to know, lots of incredible features thanks to new technology.

  4. I could use a dishwasher lije this am about ready to upgrade.

  5. Dana Rodriguez says

    I really love the hidden buttons on this!

  6. Sandy Klocinski says

    I like the concept of the hot-wash rinse. A new dishwasher can make a huge difference.

  7. Cami Jeralds says

    I just moved into a place without a dishwasher. Its the worst! I miss it so much.

  8. Gabrielle says

    I love that it’s quiet! Our kitchen is very near the family room and it’s great to be able to run the dishwasher without the noise interfering with conversation or a television program.

  9. Steve Weber says

    I love the look of this one.. if we didnt have a newer one ourselves I’d consider it.

  10. kimrk56 says

    The auto-air feature would be so nice to have. It makes me want a new dishwasher.

  11. Lydia Goodman says

    Great info, I am buying a new house and will hopefully be upgrading appliances soon so I am looking for options

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