Understanding The Signs Your Ads Are Working

Marketing is a mixture of statistics and human responses. Every business owner wants the cold hard facts, but when you’re sat in your office reading them over, you still lack something. No matter how good your statistics and even sales figures look, you would still like to hear back from customers personally. That’s why marketing is such a valuable part of your business because it’s an automatic way of communicating with your customers. Let’s look further on how understanding the signs your ads are working.

Understanding The Signs Your Ads Are Working

Those of you who aren’t too familiar with what good ad performance looks like may choose this route of feedback only. It’s common for small business owners to value verbal and written feedback more than graphs and bar charts. But here’s how you can understand the signs of positive customer response to your ads.

Commission a conversion report

You’ve heard about clicks and conversion. Customers see your ads, they like what you present and they click on the ad. Great, you have a potential buyer. But they look through your website or perhaps land on a particular page directly from the ad, and don’t buy the product or service. If they do, that’s a positive conversion. Your marketing and sales teams need to work together, to create a conversion report so you can see what works and what doesn’t. In the report, you’ll know exactly what age group is performing the best for you. You’ll also know what kinds of ads are more effective at conversion therapy. Where you place the ads on the page and which website the banners were clicked on matters too. If you know the relatable things your customers like, you can advertise your products more effectively.

Money well spent?

If you’ve been around in the marketing industry for a few years, you’ll know that the most expensive ads aren’t always the best. Having great graphics, high-quality photographs and great flow of your video or PPC ads, doesn’t always amount to the most conversions. So spending your money wisely on various designs and versions of your ads is highly critical to your marketing campaigns sustainably. Using one of the Automation scripts stack for Google Ads such as the Weekly Performance Monitor for Account, you can track how you’re spending your money. By using studying the tracker, you’ll notice which ads are doing great and which ones are not. When you can visually see what’s going on, you can make better budgetary decisions. 

Longer staying time

When customers begin to increase their on-page time, that means you’re doing something to captivate their attention a little longer than before. It could be that you’re using better keywords or more interesting writing. It also means that your landing pages are accurately offering what your ads do, therefore there’s a continuity of the offer. The more ‘what you see is what you get’ type of ads and the fewer false promise ‘clickbait’ ads, the longer consumers will stay on the landing pages.

Every ad’s performance should be tracked so you can firmly grasp which ads are effective and thus deserve more funding. A click conversion report would give you a lot of details of your entire marketing strategy as it has been received by the consumers. 

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