Tried-And-True Cruelty Free Makeup Products That Are Worth Your Money

When it comes to makeup, I am picky. I started looking at ingredients when my son was born. Whether it was household cleaning products and even my own makeup products. For many years, I stuck with natural mineral makeup. Now, I focus on cruelty free and natural beauty!

We tried a brand that offers tried-and-true makeup products that are worth your money!

Tried-And-True Cruelty Free Makeup Products That Are Worth Your Money
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I’ve seen OFRA Cosmetics everywhere online. OFRA Cosmetics is also available at ULTA Beauty too. I only had one of their products on hand and enjoy using it. It’s one of their highlighters! Since I am fairly new to their brand, I am thankful they offered to send me a variety of products. I gave them the foundation colors I use from another brand and they sent me two foundations to try. 

Being a single mom, I don’t have time to mess with makeup that won’t work or offer the coverage I want. I want my look to last all day. I don’t have time to re-apply throughout the day! We are so excited to share tried-and-true makeup products that are worth your money!

Tried-And-True Foundation

OFRA Cosmetics Absolute Cover Foundation

I was sent Absolute Cover Foundation #03 and Absolute Cover Foundation #4.25. Since I received two colors, I wasn’t sure which color to start with. Instead, I just held both bottles up to my face and chose the color closest to my color. 

The Absolute Cover Foundation #03 looks like the perfect match to my color, so I tried it! The color matches me so well! The Absolute Cover Foundation #4.25 is also a great shade on me. The coverage is just right for me. Both foundations feel lightweight on my skin. 

When I use OFRA Cosmetics Absolute Cover Foundation, I get the coverage I want. It stays in place all day, even through my daily walks. I sweat too! I come home covered in sweat too. During my walk, I am always wiping my face because of the sweat! So the foundation stays in place! I don’t need to reapply at all either. 

Between the two colors, the Absolute Cover Foundation #4.25 is lighter than the Absolute Cover Foundation #03. When purchasing foundation, it’s a great idea to have a lighter and darker color for fall and summer months! 

Tried-And-True Eye Palettes

OFRA Makeup Palette Must Have Mattes

I am all about eye shadows. I tend to stick with the same palettes and colors. When I find looks that work for me, I stick with them! However, I do like to change it up and get a little creative. Look at the beautiful colors from the Must Have Mattes and Dazzling Diamonds OFRA Professional Makeup Palettes! 

I prefer using the Dazzling Diamonds colors because I love a little sparkle with my look. Otherwise, I can easily use the Must Have Mattes and then add a little highlight! 

OFRA Makeup Palette Dazzling Diamonds

Each palette has 20 colors! I’ve never tried an eye palette with that many different colors! The looks between the palettes is almost endless. I have yet to try every color. Each day, I try a different color combination and I am having so much fun! There are so many colors and looks, I can barely remember which colors I prefer!  

The colors are long lasting and highly pigmented. I love that they are all easy to blend! The colors last all day and even through my daily walks!  

Tried-And-True Blush and Highlighter

OFRA Cosmetics Blush and Highlighter

I love adding a little blush to my cheeks as it adds a natural looking burst of color. When I apply blush, I use a light touch and blend. I was sent Bellini Blush, which is a toned down peachy-pink color. I love using it as it looks so natural! 

The Rodeo Drive Highlighter is a pretty golden highlight. Using a highlight is my favorite step in my makeup routine. I get to add a natural and beautiful glow to my overall look!

Tried-And-True Lip Glosses

OFRA Cosmetics Lip Gloss

I rarely wear lip gloss as I find it hard to find just the right shades. Bold or too bright colors on my lips don’t work for me. I prefer neutral and natural looking colors that match my skin tone. Instead, I tend to coat my lips with lip balm throughout the day to keep my lips from getting dry and chapped. 

However, when I head out to run errands, I do like to apply some color on my lips. I received lip glosses in Glamour Pink and Natural

When I first saw Glamour Pink, I thought it would be too pink and off putting, especially with my skin tone. The Glamour Pink gorgeous! The right amount of color and shine! 

The Natural Lip Gloss is just as pretty! If I want a more subtle color, I use the natural color. Both are full of shine and really boost the look of my lips! 

OFRA Cosmetics lip glosses last on my lips. They do not dry out my lips, keep them feeling soft and hydrated and the shine is just perfect! 

OFRA Cosmetics lip glosses at ULTA Beauty have a few colors I would love to try! 

Tried-And-True Cruelty Free Makeup Products That Are Worth Your Money - social media

I am very thankful and appreciative of OFRA Cosmetics for providing a variety of makeup products to use for new looks! Before this, I only had one product and now I have more to play with. Their highlighters are so much fun to use! If anything or unsure about trying this brand, start with one of their highlighters! I am so impressed with the quality and staying power of their makeup! 

Have you tried OFRA Cosmetics? Tell us your favorite tried-and-true makeup products that are worth your money!

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  1. Sandy Klocinski says

    I was expecting OFRA Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick to be super thick and overwhelming, but it’s soooo cute and not too much! There’s barely any transfer when I’m drinking or eating. I love how it feels on the lips

  2. I haven’t tried OFRA products yet but would like to

  3. Dana Rodriguez says

    I would LOVE to try these products. They look really nice!

  4. Shannon D Citrino says

    I love Ofra I will only buy cruelty free makeup.

  5. Christina Gould says

    This looks and sounds like a great brand. Thanks for posting!

  6. paula peterson says

    I’m out with my kids alot in summer, so I like that this could keep my lips hydrated.

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