Treat Your Skin To Luxurious and Cruelty-Free Skincare

Treat Your Skin To Luxurious and Cruelty-Free Skincare -- TwinMedix

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Transparency is the new trend; throughout modern society, people are endeavoring to learn more about what they’re eating, what they’re wearing (did you know that, according to a recent mindbodygreen article, one fast-fashion T-shirt “uses 700 gallons of water” to be made?!), and where their trash is going (check out The Story of Stuff for more on that subject). The beauty world is also following this trend by heading down the vegan and cruelty-free road. While “vegan” does not necessarily mean perfect, its “cruelty-free” partner is usually the tagline that actually sells me on a product.

TwinMedix may not necessarily be a vegan brand, but it IS cruelty-free, which I really love–and when it comes to skincare, these products truly are the elite. With stellar anti-aging ingredients and a “Patented Microsponge Technology” that allows for the product’s “slow release” with maximum potency, TwinMedix promises effective and revolutionary new products for my skincare routine. And they really are effective!

I started out with the Pro: Essentials Oxygen Facial Mask, which “releases” a burst of O2 “into the skin”. Sounds good, right? I can’t say for sure if my skin actually felt oxygen-ized (is that a word?), but I can say that this product was a lot of fun. It’s technique was unlike anything I had ever seen–the foamy cleanser comes out in a small amount via a pump nozzle and quickly comes to life as you rub it in! Tiny little bubbles pop all over your face, and you can watch as the foamy product dissolves itself into your skin. All you feel is a delightful little tingle; it was amazing to watch, and really felt like a luxury! Sometimes face masks can feel underwhelming; they’re advertised to revolutionize your appearance, but many of them just feel nice. THIS product (shown in the blue bottle below) really did feel like something special.

The next product was one that I was a tad more apprehensive to try–namely due to my sensitive skin. The Pro: Essentials X Smart Exfoliator sounded fascinating, particularly since it contains “Dead Sea Salt” and “plant extracts”, but even though it is advertised as a “moisturizing” exfoliator to be used “gently”, I was still a little anxious. After all, this product will, according to the label, actually allow you to visibly see the dead skin piling up on your face! Unnerving description aside, I set out to try it–and was very pleasantly surprised. The product (shown in the purple bottle below) looks much like the others when it comes out (clear and gel-like), and rubs on very softly. Only the small white flakes that appeared on my skin could indicate that there was any exfoliation happening! There was no pain, no rashes, and–although I am NOT an exfoliation expert–I think that the gel did its job.

TwinMedix Pro Essentials Pro Vitamin Skincare
The next three products were all much larger than the first two, which are both in medium-sized pump-action bottles. These other three serums–Pro: Essentials C10, A15, and E5–are packaged in gorgeous canisters with their own pump-action delivery systems! The bright and different colors make it easy to discern which product is which; orange is Vitamin C-focused, green has Vitamin E, and red has Vitamin A. Each product, aside from the foamy Oxygen Facial Mask, is about the same in nature: a quasi-clear gel, that comes out of each canister in one or two tiny drops. I do wonder about how to get the very last bit of product out when it comes to that since the canisters don’t seem very easy to open, but that can also be a perk, since it means fewer bacteria can get in.
Canisters aside, one or two little drops of each gel really is all you need; it spreads incredibly evenly over your entire face and rubs in so nicely with your fingers. Even the exfoliating product was the same! Every product is unbelievably gentle, and your skin literally feels like silk afterward. I was amazed the first time that I tried the products, not just by the beautiful and sleek packaging but also by the immediate difference in my skin. I cleansed with the Oxygen Facial Mask, added the Vitamin E serum, and was immediately told by a family member that I looked like I had put on some foundation. Just a few drops of two products, and I actually looked like I was now wearing a full base of makeup. Amazing!
I’m not usually one to gush so much over an entire brand, but TwinMedix really has impressed me. All of these products are beautifully packaged, and I’ve found each product to be effective. Surprisingly, I’ve actually come up with my own use for the products as a whole: BB Cream! BB Cream is often used as an in-between: a step above no-makeup, but below foundation and concealer. When I first used the Vitamin E treatment, that “silky-smooth” feeling and air-brushing is exactly what I got, and I’ve found the same to be true for each and every one of the products (aside from the cleansing Oxygen Mask and the “smart exfoliator gel”, since they both have a different purpose).
TwinMedix Pro Essentials Pro Vitamin Skincare

TwinMedix Travel Kit

Since TwinMedix also generously sent me the tiny and adorable travel-sized kit (which contains all five of the products, still color-coordinated, in pump-action canisters about the size of my pinky finger), I can even use these treatments on the go! So thank you, TwinMedix; I’ve now got some truly fantastic cruelty-free, antioxidant-filled, BB-Cream-like products–with luxury packaging and miniature versions to boot!

Interested in TwinMedix? Check out Target to buy their products, and follow them on their social media, linked below!

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  1. My daughter would love this. She only purchases cruelty-free skincare products.

  2. Hannah C says

    I really like that these products are cruelty free. They sound like great skin care.

  3. bethelderton says

    This line of prodicts would be a great gift for my grand-daughter. She would love the fun luxury.
    Mary Beth Elderton

  4. I love cruelty free products, would love to try these.

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