Three Ways to Change Up your Work Day Style

From Statement Pieces to Jewelry; We Find Three Ways to Change up your Work Day Style

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As someone who works in an office, I can tell you from experience that I have a hard time finding outfits that are business casual but also tailored to my style. It seems as though recently, I have fallen into a rut of ordering t-shirts that have our county logo on them and wearing a different color every day.

It also doesn’t help that I carry weight in my middle section/stomach and I have a difficult time finding outfits that I am comfortable in. All the jeans and t-shirts have brought my self-confidence down and I struggle to find ways to look like more than just a mom of a tornado toddler.

Three Ways to Change Up your Work Day Style

Add jewelry that makes an impact 

nogu bracelet

– I love to wear accent pieces such as necklaces or bracelets. What I really love, is an accent piece that helps others simply by me making my purchase. NOGU has a charity line of bracelets, each as special as the next. From the ASPCA to The Heart and Stroke Foundation, NOGU has bracelets designed to help individuals fight to find a cure. All while offering a cute and stylish accent piece.

The particular one that I have is a creation from the partnership with Cystic Fibrosis Canada. Mario and Luca Lavorato are the brothers behind the designs of every NOGU Jewelry piece. They also have cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease that has no cure. The Cystic Fibrosis Canada bracelet features a kite which is the symbol for Freedom, Possibility, and Hope.

Impact Pieces that Heal the Body and Mind

waist beads

What better way to adorn yourself than with pieces that enhance the feminine energy? Each piece that you order is handcrafted and blessed prior to shipment. Once it arrives, you ‘activate’ your piece by following along to the enclosed affirmations. Art and Alchemy ensure that every woman who receives a piece of jewelry is being offered an item with clean and pure energy. Goddess Beads AKA Waist Beads – honor the feminine energy of the Woman. I received a set in ‘Pearlized’ and it is gorgeous.

Unfortunately, I miss measured my waist and they seem to fit a bit snug. Instead, I have taken to wearing it as a wrapped necklace or have also wrapped it around my wrist to wear as a bracelet. However, I’ve received many compliments on my Waist Beads and I can feel their energy making a positive impact. After ordering, keep your enclosed documents and your affirmations card and use these beads similar in such a way as prayer beads. When you need a spiritual lift or your beads need to be recharged, follow the affirmation again.

Use statement pieces that stand out

wool sweater

Each piece is made with comfort and style in mind. WORTH wants women to be comfortable in their own skin while also comfortable in their clothes. Invest in ‘Forever Fashion’ and purchase pieces that last both through wash after wash AND through the ever-changing style seasons. The Animal Jacquard Boatneck Sweater is made of wool without that uncomfortable, scratchy wool feel. It’s a breathable material that keeps me warm in the cold, Southern winters.

The only downside I found was that the sweater fits more like a cropped top and I am self-conscience about my tummy area. I prefer my shirts to be longer to ensure that all of my midsection is covered. But with the right pair of high waist pants, this top would be perfect! Easily dress it up with slacks and jewelry or dress it down with a dark wash jean.

Wear a basic dress and add some bling

work day blouses

Bess and George is an Austin Texas-based, all female company on a mission to put style and sophistication back into clothing for the older woman. Gone are the terrible floral and striped prints on a boxy top that you would expect to find in the ‘misses’ or ‘over 30’ section of the department store. The working woman deserves to look good too and Bess and George have gorgeous pieces for work or play.

Dress Up or Dress Down – Your Choice

The Faux Wrap Dress hides what I like to refer to as ‘Showing all the biscuits I’ve eaten’. I love that I can wear it to work with a nice, bright heel and some gold jewelry.

The Faux Wrap Dress can be dressed down with a pair of leggings and flats and go out to a movie. The dress is a definite staple in my wardrobe and will be 100% worth the investment as the material is built to last.


What are some staple pieces in your wardrobe? Find our recommendations for relaxed fashion pieces!

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