The Perfect Online Shop for Stationary Enthusiasts

The Perfect Online Shop for Stationary Enthusiasts

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I love stationary products. I probably own more notebooks than I’ll ever use in a lifetime. Pens. Don’t get me started!  One thing I don’t own is a desk calendar. This is where DIGIBUDDHA comes in handy.

You would think in today’s times, who would need a desk calendar, right?  However, it is nice to be “old school” and use a calendar you can see in real life.  I use my calendar on my phone but it is also nice to have an actual calendar to look at and write in.

DIGIBUDDHA is an affordable online paper and gifts shop. They offer paper products like desk calendars, stunning foil art prints, various cards, and items you need for your wedding or bridal party.

I was given the opportunity to pick out a few things and blog about it. Of course, I had to get myself a desk calendar, and there were so many to choose from! I chose the Evie Black desk calendar with acrylic stand ($28). This looks so chic on my desk, but it’s going to look even better when I order my white one from Pottery Barn. You get 12 cards, one for each month, that are 4×6”. On the back of the card, there are lines where you can write in important dates so you don’t forget any important anniversaries or birthdays.

2018 Desk Calendar Digibuddha

Digibuddha Acrylic Stand

Digibuddha Desk Calendar on the stand

I’m just starting out apartment hunting and I have somewhat of an idea of how I want to decorate. One of the things I’ve been enjoying lately is foil art prints. They’re absolutely beautiful, and crazy affordable. What’s great is DIGIBUDHA sends you the print all perfectly packaged up and you can choose how you want to frame it. I’ll be hitting up Home Goods since they have gorgeous frames at low prices.

I was able to pick out two foil art prints, both are on white paper with gold foil. I chose Wanderlust foil art print because of my love for wanting to travel and see the world, and a Typewriter art print ($10, each), since I love writing and earned my bachelors in Journalism. I’ve even been on the hunt for an old fashion typewriter that I can have in my office as decoration.

Digibuddha Wanderlust Art Print

Digibuddha Typewriter Print

Once I get settled I plan on ordering the books art print since I love to read, three arrows since I love the look of arrows, and a lipstick since I love makeup and have a beauty blog.

If you’re looking for quality, chic stationary items I highly recommend checking out DIGIBUDDHA. The products are beautiful, and the shipping is top notch. Everything arrived in a good amount of time and packaged up nicely.

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