The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Gentleman

The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Gentleman

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Every now and again I like to treat my husband to something special; a little way to let him know I appreciate him and love him every much. I swear, he must’ve been a barber in a former life because he is absolutely meticulous about shaving and the products he uses. I thought getting him some high quality products would be the perfect treat to show him I care.

The Schulz and Malley Gentleman’s Shaving Collection turned out to be the perfect present for him! First of all, I appreciate that these products are lightly scented and never over-powering. This kit contains everything needed for shaving: Cleansing Face Wash, Pre-Shave Oil, Brushless Shave Cream, and Aftershave Balm.

The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Gentleman

The Cleansing Face Wash is perfect for keeping skin clean and pores clear. Salicylic Acid works overtime to prevent ingrown hairs, while Aloe and Echinacea soothe and calm.

The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Gentleman

Pre-Shave Oil is the second step and the perfect product to prep your skin before shaving. Packed with essential botanicals, this provides the glide my husband needs for a close, friction-free shave.

The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Gentleman

The Brushless Shave Cream is my husband’s favorite product! This rich cream softens his coarse facial hair, protects, and nourishes his skin. He loves the feeling of this product on his face, it’s so hydrating!

The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Gentleman

After Shave Balm is the final step and a great finishing product. This has a very nice texture, not too heavy or greasy. Aloe Vera, Grape Seed Oil, Vitamin E, and Menthol are an invigorating combination that my husband loves using before work. It’s a great energizer and gets him ready to conquer the day!

I love the non-pretentious nature of this company; the idea of Schulz and Malley Trading Company was generated in a dive bar over a few beers and some conversation. These are truly great products that the everyday man can relate to! Schulz and Malley is shave care made by men, for men.  My husband and I love that this brand isn’t comprised of fancy gimmicks or marketing, they are just honestly good products that you’ll want to use daily!

The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Gentleman

I think he looks GREAT after a terrific shave with high quality products!

Have you ever used Schulz and Malley Trading Company products before? What are some products you’d like to try or what are some products you’ve enjoyed? Comment below and let me know what you think!

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