The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for any occasion?

My husband and I recently celebrated our ten-year anniversary and eight that we have been married. Thinking back, it’s been a crazy couple of years but I wouldn’t change it for the world. We met through a mutual friend and instantly hit it off. The night we were introduced, my friend warned me as they picked up to go have a midnight game night at Denny’s that her friend dressed a little different. Little did I expect him to be dressed head to toe in black ( a lot of it leather ), a trench coat, and a chain wrapped up his leg. I was a little iffy to be sure but from the moment we met, we became best friends.

True Love


We saw each other every day, talking on the phone, and over myspace ( yes let me just date myself with using myspace).  We started dating on January 16th and were engaged within 3 months! Two years to the day we started dating, we were married and it’s been one wild ride since. We recently just welcomed our fourth and final child, making our little family complete. I couldn’t imagine not having him in my life.

I knew as cliche as it sounds that I’d found the person I was going to marry. This was love at first sight.

Loves Promise

So when I decided to start looking for something to celebrate our love, I began looking to find the perfect gift for any occasion. I wanted something that was going to last and be there for years to come, but I also wanted something that I could eventually pass down to our children. I also was looking for something that would celebrate our anniversary. I stumbled across the Loves Promise Personalized Ring.  This beautiful ring was just what I was looking for, I love the fact that I have both our names engraved on the front of our ring as well as correlating birthstones. In a sterling silver setting, this ring looks great with anything. On the inside of the ring is engraved “Always and Forever”.  It is seriously one of the most beautiful rings I’ve seen in a while. I’m excited that I have this special ring to remember our love for coming years.

Forever and Always

This is the perfect gift for any occasion.

From mother’s rings to birthstone rings The Bradford Exchange has all your needs covered for any gifting option you need. They offer rings for Valentine’s Day as well that are just beautiful that, the special someone in your life would love. You will be sure to find the perfect present for any occasion.

For more information check out their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

What is your favorite ring they offer? What style rings would you choose?




  1. Beautiful! My mother’s birthday is this month and I actually think that this would be a great gift from my sisters and I. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I totally love birthstone jewelry! I’ve seen different versions before, and I would love to get a necklace for my mom with my brother and mine’s birthstones — she doesn’t really wear rings other than her wedding ring!

  3. This is totally beyond adorable! Congrats to your longevity and many years to come!!

  4. theclutterboxblog says

    Oh I love your ring and your story! That’s quite an awesome first impression your husband made! Congrats on 10 years!

  5. Your ring is so beautiful and unique with the idea of the two birthstones. It doesn’t look like sterling but some other precious metal. It looks well made.Congrats!

  6. That’s a pretty ring. Congrats on 10 years. My husband I will have been together 9 years this summer!

  7. What a beautiful ring. You’re right, it would make the perfect gift for any occasion!

  8. I really like the style you have. It’s so simple yet thoughtful. I love that it even has words engraved.

  9. Wow congrats on the anniversary! And that is such a beautiful ring. I love that it has meaning to it, every jewelry piece I own has a special meaning to me, so that makes it extra special.

  10. Beautiful! This would make the perfect gift for many occasions. I also love that it can be engraved.

  11. Our 14th anniversary is coming up. I wouldn’t mind a lovely ring for a gift.

  12. Happy anniversary. The ring is beautiful and always a great gift idea.

  13. Wow that’s beautiful! Happy anniversary! I think If I had to chose my ring now I would go for a rose gold look with more of a minimalist style.

  14. That is such a pretty ring! I love getting and gifting fun jewelry, so I need to look into this for sure! Also, happy anniversary!

  15. love that you can add a personal touch to it.

  16. That is such a beautiful ring! I’ve loved so many things over the years from Bradford Exchange and now that our family is complete, I can’t wait to get one their beautiful family rings

  17. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary! The ring that you selected is so beautiful. I love the colors!

  18. shandy kaye says

    I love wearing rings! If I will choose a ring , I will choose a crown ring in a silver color.

  19. The Australian Opal Ring is probably the one I’d choose. It’s very unique and not like anything I have in my collection. I love having different types of rings to wear, either for fun or because they have sentimental value.

  20. Your ring is beautiful and what a wonderful gift! We have been married for 12 years and I just had to stop wearing my wedding set because of an allergy I developed last year. I’d love to wear something meaningful!

  21. Really sweet keepsake for years to come. I like the small and simple rings

  22. Stephanie Z says

    Congratulations on your anniversary! The ring is beautiful. It is so nice that is personalized with the engravings.

  23. What a very beautiful ring! I’d love to give my daughter a ring from her father and I with a wonderful inscription.

  24. Beautiful ring. Happy anniversary. I prefer solitaire birthstone.

  25. This is my birthstone and I love it! It’s beautiful. I think I’ll show this to my fiance.

  26. This is just a gorgeous ring! Im so excited about this site! It sounds like it will be helpful for us since we both want something a little different.

  27. That’s a beautiful ring! And I love the light purple stone in it too!

  28. aw, the ring is lovely, pretty colored stone

  29. Lindsay A. says

    This is so unique and beautiful! I usually prefer not to wear stones, but I know of a few people who would love this as a resource!

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