The next step in my blogging adventure

The next step in my blogging adventure

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I started my blog in November 2010 and did not buy my domain until June 2011. I remember following several other bloggers (this was before Facebook groups) and found a blogger that wrote about how she bought her own domain for her blog.

How exciting! A dot com!

I admired her. She gave me the push to upgrade to my own domain.

I didn’t get my domain right away.

One step at a time.

I was in no hurry.

My blog was a hobby.

Back then, I was a new blogger.  I wanted to wait until I could earn the money from my blog to justify purchasing my domain.

When I made the leap to purchase my own domain, I was super excited! I felt more official!

The next big step would be my switch to WordPress. I heard about the benefits of switching, such as:

1. Owning your content
2. Having full control of your blog
3. No worries about your blog being shut down. Google owns blogspot and they have been known to shut blogs down without notice.
4. Fully customizable blog, design and layout.

I switched to WordPress about 3 years ago. Looking back, I wish I had made the switch sooner. However, again, the cost of switching and hosting fees kept me from moving.

When I switched, I knew it was a huge leap and I was so scared but excited. Soon after I switched, I had to get a new design. I had my first design for a few years before getting a new one! I am happy with my current design!

Looking back, I learned a lot from my blog. There are things I would do differently but of course, everything worked out perfectly.

I have learned a lot on my own. I follow my own path when it comes to blogging while trying new ideas. I am always open to new ways of doing things. I try to balance my blog between reviews, lifestyle posts, giveaways and sponsored posts.

I hope to attend blog conferences. For now, I am focusing writing interesting content and interacting with the readers!

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