The Multi Use Cosmetic Brush

Multi use Arits Oval 3 Brush

Beauty Brite DisclosureCosmetic brushes are a Must Have for any beauty fanatic and when you can find a cosmetic brush that you can use for multiple purposes, SCORE! In comes Artis!

When you spend $40 on a makeup brush, you want to make sure you get your monies worth and use it in anyway possible.

Artis cosmetic brushes are unique. They’re not your typical cosmetic brush at all. They’re shaped like toothbrushes and have tons of densely packed bristles and has a sturdy curved handle for natural applying control.

The Artis Elite Smoke Oval 3 brush is the only Artis brush I have at the moment but I plan to have the whole collection by the end of the year. It’s like Lay’s chips, you can’t just have one!

This brush can be used to apply your lipsticks, eye shadows, eyebrow powders, eyeliner, and concealers.

Artis Oval 3 brush

I use it to apply my lipsticks, highlighter for my eyes, and applying my concealer.

The bristles are super soft and blends out my concealer perfectly and applies my eye shadow highlighter in the inner corners and outside corners of my eyes.  They are made with CosmeFibre.

CosmeFibre®  is made using high tech manufacturing process that produces completely consistent fibres. You can depend on the fibre quality of every Artis® brush to be the same, no matter when you buy it. The CosmeFibre® is then shaped and refined by hand into fibre bundles, and each brush is hand-assembled to create the artisan-quality Artis® Brushes. CosmeFibre®  keeps it shape more consistently during use, even though it has a smaller diameter than conventional hair. This helps the fibre perform well with powders, liquids or emollient-based products.

The handles has textured grip pads on the top and bottom of the handle with their name Artis on it for steady handling. You don’t have to worry about it slipping while you’re applying your makeup.

Artis Elite Smoke Oval 3

This one really does look like a toothbrush. I love how comfortable they are to work with. The bristles make sure that the makeup sits on top and doesn’t sink into the bristles that way you don’t waste any of your products. I just love how it blends them out for a flawless look.

It took me a while to get use to these kinds of makeup brushes, but I’ve gotten used to them and now I just want the whole collection. They look so sleek and professional.

Another great thing is that Artis brushes are 100% animal-free!

You can get the Artis Elite Smoke Oval 3 cosmetic brushes at NET A PORTER and ARTIS for $40.

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