The Most Versatile Face Mask You Will Ever Own

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No one enjoys breathing in your own stale air or the amount of sweat that’s accumulated under your face mask. Not to mention what your plans are for all the stock piled face masks when the world finally reaches a safer social climate.

Many states, (like mine), still have a mandated mask requirement; so wearing a face mask has become a part of our daily routine. Over the past few months I have worn just about every type of face mask. By far our family’s FAVORITE has to be the tubular style bandannas from Hoo-Rag!

Face Masks for the Whole Family

Hoo-Rag’s Tubular Bandannas are far from the basic face mask and have so much function & versatility. These are officially my families go-to face masks! Hoo-Rag tubular bandannas are made of a lightweight microfiber that is moisture wicking & best of all breathable. So no more hot and sweaty mess under your face masks.

Hoo-Rag Uses

  • Fishing/Swimming
  • Running/Hiking
  • Yoga/Fitness
  • Hunting/Tactical
  • Work/Uniform
  • Camping/Gardening
  • Snowboarding
  • Biking/Motorcycling
  • Hairband/Pony-Tail

Photo Credit: Hoo-Rag

No matter what your style, Hoo-Rag has well over 250+ designs to choose from (even custom Hoo-Rags, Woo hoo!). So you can match with your outfit or work uniform. One of my favorite design aspects of the Hoo-Rag is the versatility. Your basic every day face mask can only serve one purpose, that is to protect your nose and mouth. Hoo-Rag can be worn in ways to protect your head, face & neck.

My favorite use for the Hoo-Rag is as a headband or a ponytail holder. The Sports & Yoga Headband, a.k.a the Half-Hoo is perfect to keep your hair out of your face. Ideal for when you are working out or simply in the garden doing yard work. Since it’s moisture wicking, you won’t have to worry about beads of sweat dripping down your face.

The Sports & Yoga Headband is half the size of the regular Sports Bandannas and retails $9.95 USD each.

If you have kiddos, these are a must. I can understand the stress parents may endure when their kids are frustrated with having to wear face masks for long periods of time. My 3 kids have complained from itchiness, sweat, ear pain, tightness, you name it, they vented about it. Hoo-Rag recently launched a line dedicated to kids that has all the benefits of the original but in a smaller size.

The kid size Hoo-Rag bandannas are ideal for kids ages 3-13 and are 17.5 in. x 8.5 inches in size. They fit nice and snug around a little one’s face with no complaints! (Music to this mamma’s ears!) Since there are so many designs to choose from, your kids can pick out their favorite design of a Hoo-Rag and actually be excited to wear their face mask. Perfect to protect their delicate faces from the elements while outdoors or during sports.

My youngest son loves to wear his when he is at the batting cages under his hat or batting helmet. The Hoo-Rag is thin enough so it won’t feel uncomfortable or interfere with the fit of your cap or helmet. It helps catch and wick away all the sweat that can drip down his face and on his glasses.

The Hoo-Rag can fit just about anywhere, even your pockets. There should be no reason why you don’t have a Hoo-Rag on your person, in your car or packed in your gear.

How would you wear your Hoo-Rag? Know anyone who would love to own one? Check out Hoo-Rag‘s site for more amazing products!

Video Credit: Hoo Rag


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