The Impact of Technology in My Life

The Impact of Technology in My Life

Have you ever thought about the impact of technology in your life? When I think about all that I can accomplish with the technology we have, I am amazed. I admit, my husband are far from up-to-date on the latest tech products, but we have the things we need and use.

I love that my husband and I have smartphones. Not only can we call or text each other when needed, but it comes in handy when we are out and about. With our smartphones, we have access to GPS via our phones. If we are lost, we can “ask Google” to navigate us to our destination.

A few years ago, my husband bought a SmartTV for our bedroom. We love it because we can access Netflix, internet and any other apps that we use from the television! Since then, my husband replaced our flatscreen TV in the living room with a bigger SmartTV! I love the picture as it is so crisp and lifelike! I love having SmartTVs because we can watch Netflix or access anything else we want!

I love having my laptop. I use it exclusively for blogging, internet and anything else. I have a desktop but I don’t really use it.

With all of our technology in our lives, I am reminded that I should balance work and life. I make time for work and I make time for my life. I make time to separate myself from work so that I can relax! I don’t like spending hours and hours working as I do need breaks.

I am reminded of my life before my smartphone and tablet. When I first got the iPad, I didn’t understand the point of it. I even told my husband, “why do I need a tablet, when I have a computer?” However, after using it for a weeks, it clicked. I understood why people use tablets. I love my smartphone. I use it like the tablet. I have everything at my fingertips!

While I try not to let technology take over my life, I appreciate all that we can do with our devices.

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