The beginnings of my blog

The beginnings of my blog

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In late 2010, I had recently retuned returned home from a week long visit to my hometown after being away for a decade. I went back home for my Grandpa’s funeral. Since I flew from NC to CA, our son stayed home with his dad.

At the time, I was a stay home mom and bored! I already had a personal blog that I used to write about my family. It was my way to update my mom. This was before Facebook.

Out of the blue, I decided to start a blog. Originally, I wanted a blog to share DIY beauty recipes. I like using natural products, so I wrote about the different recipes I was using.

Also, I posted a few beauty reviews on a few products I had purchased on my own. My son suffers from eczema, so I wanted to share some amazing products that were perfect for the whole family. I just wanted to use my blog to share all things beauty as a way to share what I learn!

I then found a few blog giveaways and entered them. I also saw bloggers doing beauty product reviews. From entering giveaways, I subscribed to their mailing list. At first, I learned from what they were doing.

One day, I stumbled on to a blog post explaining the basics of writing a pitch letter and listed a few PR emails to pitch. I believe I sent pitches to all emails listed.

Eventually, I was added to mailing lists and received pitches directly from PR people. Also, I pitched companies like crazy.

Over the years, I have been added to many mailing lists and have formed working relationships with many PR reps. I no longer need to pitch unless I really want to review the product.

When I started my blog, I was looking for something to fill my time. It was and still is a hobby for me. My goal wasn’t to make money or get rich. My goal was to have fun and have an outlet to share. With my blog, I have a voice. Normally I am pretty shy. Blogging makes it easier for me to get the message across. For more history, feel free to read What my family and friends think of my blogging.

As always, comments are always welcome!

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