Does This Natural Migraine Relief Really Work?

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I hate to use the word diagnosed, but I was diagnosed with chronic migraines. I get them pretty regularly and often times I end up spending a day or two in bed sleeping, unable to get up and do anything. Blinds shut, phone off, door closed to avoid any noises that are coming from inside the house. This isn’t an “oh owe is me†post, but a post to show what some migraine suffers go through. Loud noises and bright lights can make a normal migraine even worse.
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A Better Quality Of Life With Essential Oils

A Better Quality of Life with Essential Oils

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The benefits of essential oils are incredible! They are seriously worth looking into if you suffer from ailments such as asthma, headaches, muscle fatigue, and sinus pressure. If you’re just looking to enhance your overall well-being, essential oils are great for that too! Oils can be a great mood-booster, especially in the dull and bleak months of winter…. [read more]